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OMG - The Bacon Explosion

Apologies if this has already been discussed. But for those, like me, who looooove bacon, this recipe may be the ultimate bacon hit:


If anyone has made this, can you please report back whether it's worth the effort (and the heart attack)?

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  1. this recipe was posted recently as Bacon lovers - is this Nirvana, or total excess?

    my take is that the inner layer of bacon would be flabby

    1. It's more sausage than bacon. These things are a funny novelty, and they put you on the oh-so-cool bacon band wagon but really, are you going to make one of these to serve at dinner?

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        Sliced and served on slider rolls, it would be a different dish to bring to a Super Bowl party!!

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          PS when did bacon become "oh-so-cool"?? Does this mean I don't have to hide it in my other groceries and close the door to cook my pound in private??

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            I like bacon just as much as any other person but I think bacon and it's cousins are enjoying a bit of a culinary revolution right now and things like this are just glorifying it to the point of being kinda silly. It's not a horrible thing, but people do the pretend-drool and flip out whenever they see something like this "Bacon Explosion."

            Don't believe me? Who's heard of pork belly served as an entree? Probably everyone reading this board. Now reverse 20 years, it's now 1989. You would not be able to find pork belly in ANY standard mid-range American restaurant. Now you can find it all over the place.

            Pancetta, bacon of the month clubs, bacon lollipops, bacon candy bars (with chocolate), bacon cotton candy, bacon infused bourbon, bacon salt...

            The list can go on and like I said, I'm not saying that bacon isn't good eats, I'm just saying you don't need to post an "oh-my-god-this-is-the-most-amazing-thing-ever-just-because-it-has-bacon-in-it" post. It's simply a food trend.

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              Yep. In 1989 when you heard "pork belly" it was a commodity to trade, not a food to eat. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! I lurve me some pork product.

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            I've been a bacon fiend forever, so I don't think of myself as being on any bandwagon. :) And no, while I wouldn't make one of these for a formal dinner, I was thinking that it could be fun to host a "heart attack on a plate" party and make this the centerpiece.

          3. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/586991

            Bacon and pork fat is not necessarily bad for you or a heart attack on a plate. See the above discussion. Depending on the pig's diet it can actually be good for you.

            1. I just made it-
              I like bacon, thought the presentation was cute and I liked the idea of using it as party fare [I am not a fan of sports so this wasn't done for the Superbowl.]
              I used 2 garlic and herb, 2 sweet and 1 hot Italian sausages and Applewood thick sliced bacon from Whole Foods. Used Denny Mike's Hot N' Nasty BBQ sauce and their pixie dust rub.
              It is easy to make and I confess- my gas oven is quirky and I don't have a smoker. It cooked quicker than I thought- went up to 170 in 1.5 hours but oven was set at 250. I was shooting for 140.
              It wasn't that great. The sausage meat was too dry, the sauce I used hotter than I should have- love heat but missed the vinegar tang, and the rub way too salty for me and I am a salt addict. The bacon was flabby and fatty. Overall impression- dulled my palate.
              If to retry, I would use all sweet sausage, less- 1 lb not 1.5 lb so the bacon would not come partially unwrapped when slicing and 1/3c bbq sauce not 1/2c, maple smoked bacon, a tomato-vinegar based sauce and skip the rub or make my own sans salt. Cook low low low to achieve right texture.
              Anyone else?

              1. love it and would serve it with snickers pie. :)

                1. The heck with Italian sausageI If you're gonna make this thing, do it right. I would make a large Bacon Weave and wrap it around 4 or 5 whole Andouille and/or Tasso .

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                    Yum! I'd use boudin noir for the filling.
                    and then for dessert have some candied bacon ice cream! :D
                    Artery clogging goodness!

                  2. My husband wanted to make it for a party for the Superbowl so I bought 2 lbs. of thick cut bacon and 1.5 lbs. of mild italian sausage. I left him at a friend's house yesterday with the meat with the thought that they were going to prep it to be cooked today. Instead, they decided to make a 1/2 one as a test and then make another 1/2 one today. For the first 1/2 one, they pretty much followed the recipe and the verdict was that it was a bit weird in flavor and really, really salty. I did not try any of the original. Today, they did not use any BBQ rub (since at least the one they tried yesterday had a lot of salt) and substituted a mix of ground turkey and andouille sausage for the italian sausage. Served with a honey BBQ sauce it was really pretty tasty (and 1/2 of a recipe eaten by about 10 people was probably a good amount per person - I ate mine on crackers). I think that by making a 1/2 recipe, it was easier to cook the inside without getting dry. They also crisped the outside in the broiler before serving. Not the best thing I have ever eaten, but for the occasion it was fun and with the modifications tasted good.

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                      Okay, didn't know this was a topic on chowhound, a co-worker sent me the link from bbqaddicts.com and I knew my hubby would dig it (he's a smoking fiend and he and our son's LOVE bacon anyway) so we decided to do it for Super Bowl, along with our "famous" pulled pork. It wasn't all that hard to out together though a little time-consuming ( i had to fish out the fennel seeds from the sweet italian sausage because I'm supposed to be avoiding seeds this week, medical procedure necessity sorry) I couldn't find loose sausage meat without fennel and I didn't feel like running around. Used Sweet Baby Ray's original barbeque sauce, although there really isn't that much sauce involved. Hubby used cherry wood in the smoker because that's what he had on hand. It was pretty good! We had it sliced on Pillsbury Grands, as recommended on the website. It's fun, different, as I said not all that hard to put together, I did let the bacon weave chill to firm it up before laying on the sausage meat, then again after, and I think that helped when I rolled it up, it stayed together without pulling the bacon up after it. This isn't something you would serve the family as a regular weekly dinner obviously, but for an occasional "treat" or conversation piece, it's something everyone enjoyed. Here's a few pictures we took as we went along...

                    2. Thought you might get a kick out of this: the anti-bacon explosion???


                      It actually looks pretty good, but it ain't bacon.

                      1. Has anyone tried Bacon Salt? Discovered it recently... and for those that like the taste of bacon with out all the fat and calories???
                        It's pretty good.

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