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Jan 28, 2009 07:34 AM

Non-Chocolate Recipes/Uses for Chocolate Fountain

I have a chocolate fountain which I have used at several parties to much delight of my guests (I use good chocolate melted with cream, booze and some milk to thin it, rather than the vegetable oil the instructions suggest). Anyone have any other good ideas for non-chocolate use?

I say 'good ideas' because I have seen them used for ranch dressing, gravy, ketchup, which all just seem kind of gross. I thought maybe a good caramel sauce, but couldn't think of many things I would want to dip in it. Any thoughts??

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  1. Ranch dressing, gravy, and ketchup? Gawd, that is horrifying.

    OK -- does the fountain heat things up? I would assume it does. So then you have to think what the texture of something might be once warm, and how dippable (or, um, fountainable) it would be. I confess that my immediate thought was a thinnish queso, just because I would basically bathe in good homemade queso. You'd obviously have to ensure that it was perfectly smooth, but apart from that, I don't see why it wouldn't work, in theory.


    How much are strong savory flavors going to soak into any plastic parts? What's the potential for it clogging if it gets too cool to flow freely? How easy is it to clean, given that you may want to use it for chocolate again?

    Ha... sorry for the stream-of-consciousness suggestions. Just my 3.5 cents (inflation, you know).

    1. Frankly a chocolate fountain is a "one trick pony" a uni-tasker that should be left to do what it does best. Start running non-choc things through it and you may literally gum up the works to the point it won't work.

      1. I stumbled across this site when looking at chocolate fountain stuff for my niece's wedding. She really wanted one, and I was catering... but I despise the things : ). Anyway, this has some other ideas: