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Jan 28, 2009 07:33 AM

Seeking best Turkish food in Sheepshead Area

Within a 25-30 minute drive from the Bay, what would you recommend? Been to Sahara-parking impossible and they act like they're doing you a favor by serving you-though their bread is super!

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  1. We've had decent (not outstanding) meals at Cafe Istanbul.

    1. Anatolian Gyro Restaurant on Sheepshead Bay Road isn't bad. I've had some solid grilled meats and sandwiches there. The salads/dips can be very good at times, but consistency is sometimes an issue for them. They used to have a sister restaurant with a nice garden on Ave U (East 20-something St.), but I'm not sure if they're still around.

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        The restaurant on Avenue U is still there-had the tiny cubed shish-kebab which were dried out and awful. The appetizer portion of beans was insulting for the price charged. Their prices are not any less than Sahara though they are friendly.

        1. re: kernel

          I agree...the Ave. U restaurant did overcook the lamb shish kebabs the one time I was there. However, we did very much enjoy the generously portioned entree of grilled baby lamb chops--they were cooked perfectly medium, with nice color on the outside. Overall, though, I do prefer the Sheepshead Bay one over the Ave. U satellite branch.

      2. Check out Memo, Kings Highway and E. 19th. Excellent and inexpensive.

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          Memo's food is good & inexpensive, with a no-frills atmosphere. Cafe Istanbul is right across the street from the bay, good, if unspectacular food, and a nice ambiance. Taci's Beyti, 1955 Coney Island Ave near Ave P also has good Turkish food.

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            Bump to recommend Memo. Kind of leans Turkish-American (eg, you order "gyro on homebread" instead of döner) but they have iskembe corbasi on the menu, which you rarely find, and it's delicious. (Tacis Beyti frequently has it, too, but you have to ask.) Sausage pide was tasty. Skip the ayran, which was pretty bad, full of stabilizers and emulsifiers. Would like to try the lahmacun and iskender kebab.

        2. Limon, on Emmons Avenue, for excellent seafood in particular. Good appetizers and bread, too. Make a reservation on the weekend.

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          1. re: gpcohen

            Limon is directly on Sheepshead Bay and suffered considerable damage from Sandy. if considering it should check that they are reopened.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I've enjoyed Liman, too. Passed by a couple weeks ago and it was closed with a sign that said they were aiming to reopen in (I think) spring.

              Recently we had a couple of meals at Istanbul that we liked just as much, maybe more since they lacked the excessive saltiness we found in some dishes at Liman. But Istanbul's also closed and doesn't look close to reopening.

              1. re: squid kun

                Liman is open. Went there Saturday night.

          2. Memo on Kings Hwy and 19th St. is basically what Sahara used to be when it was good. They've expanded from the hole-in-the-wall they used to be but their food remained great.

            Also, would highly recommend Tacis Beyti on Coney Island and Ave P (1955 Coney Island Ave). They tend to get pretty packed, but the food quality is up there.