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Jan 28, 2009 07:23 AM

What is the word on LEE Restaurant?

It's kind of hard trying to search for reviews when the restaurant name is only three letters long and a last name to say the least! Has anyone been there? I haven't heard of it until now and am interested in any positive and negative reviews fellow ch'ers may have. I don't see any prices on the website as well - anyone know around how much it'll be for two people?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Susur Lee's Lee or Lee on Spadina? Not impressed with either.

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      Susur Lee's Lee! For some reason it's one of the top restaurants on though I'm not sure how dependable ourfaves is..... doesn't seem like there are too many votes on that site.

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        I went their full of excitement and vigor! But was thoroughly disappointed. :\

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          ourfaves is more about quantity than quality. people tend to fave places that they have been to once and remotely liked. check out the write-ups or lack of them to get an understanding of how much enthusiasm they really have for a place.

      2. I have been to Lee. It was a while back but the food is amazing! Everything was delicious and i highly recommend it.

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          Lee is great. It's definitely in my regular rotation. In terms of consistency and value, it's tough to beat in this city. Dinner and drinks for two usually winds up in the $100-150 range.

        2. I love the food there. Their house slaw with (if i remember correctly) 20 ingredients is delightful. And there are a number of other excellent dishes. I've had big problems with service there. Problems with too many dishes arriving at once. And problems with the short seating times. But, i'd go back for the food.

          1. Food is good and we let the chef select our meal for us with direction that we must try the was awesome. There was a crowd of us and we opted for five different plates to share amongst us. All were good but at the end we likely would have been better with a smaller number of dishes as it was too many different tastes and rich food. Likely would have also been a better experience with only two rather then five co-workers all sharing plates together. Did feel a bit rushed by waiter to get us out so next could be brought in.

            1. My wife and I were there about a month ago, and ordered 4-5 dishes, with three glasses of wine in total and were out there for about $130. I found the food to be very good and creative.