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Jan 28, 2009 07:15 AM

prime rib in middlesex county

have a hankering for prime rib, can anyone recommend who has the best in middlesex county or nearby.

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  1. Saturday night in New Brunswick, Steakhouse 85 has a prime rib special.

    Or did you mean tonight?

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      tonight! should'a mentioned that. thanks!

    2. I am sorry I cannot give you the very best of Middlesex county, as it is out of my area....however I can tell you Charlie Brown's restaurants have Roast Prime Rib everyday, and I believe they offer a free shrimp cocktail with every Prime Rib dinner on Wednesday Nights. Personally, I have found that the quality has slipped a bit since the parent company decided to forgo using Certified Angus Beef...but it's still pretty good. The only other option I can think of for Prime Rib is OutBack Steakhouse. I am not a fan of their steaks, but their Prime Rib is slow roasted and I have always found it to be very good, tender and reasonably priced. The Crab cakes and Rack of Lamb are also good and great value......Those three items are the only things I can recommend at OutBack...the rest is mediocre fare.

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        The Outback green beans are delicious!

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            I respectfully disagree about Charlie Browns. I have had several bad experiences there and even after writing management and getting a free coupon for a dinner we are reluctant to go back I am eager to try Steakhouse 85 as I have heard many good things.

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              What exactly are you in disagreement about? The food, service or both. As I noted, the quality of the beef has declined in my opinion, but it's not bad. Does your bad experience include service? As with any chain restaurant, the quality of the location varies greatly. Steakhouse 85 is quite different from either Charlie Brown's or Outback.... and for the better.....but it's probably a little more expensive in the end.

              The OP was looking for Prime Rib on a Wednesday evening. According to Steakhouse 85's menu, and as (seal) has noted, they only offer it on Saturday evening.



      2. The Cambridge Inn Summerhill Road Spotswood NJ - The Prime Rib is quite good.