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Jan 28, 2009 07:15 AM

Silicone Mats, etc.

I saw the tail end of something on tv about using silicone mats to line pans when roasting, baking etc., to make for easy cleanup. I guess... Is that what all those silicone things in the store are - liners?

Do they work well?

Are they intended to take the place of foil or something?

My oven burns everything, so I usually cook mostly with stoneware because the heat seems to distribute better. Recently started doing some roasting, tho, so was thinking about the usefulness of these mats.

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  1. They do not take the place of foil, no. They do however work very well for things that have a tendency to stick. Cookies, cheese, etc. A common brand name is Silpat.

    1. More accurately they take the place of parchment paper.

      I really like them. I also use them for rolling out doughs or for freezing things before vacuum packing them.

      1. They do take the pace of parchment for some things. I don't care for Sil-Pat when baking things that I want to be crisp.

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          It's true! I got a Sil-pain for Christmas which has sort of a mesh surface which I can only assume traps less mositure and makes for better crisping on the bottom.

          I have not tried it yet, though.

        2. Ah silicone - my friend. As was noted here, they are great for things that tend to stick. I have one for rolling out dough as well as the silicone rolling pin itself and love them. Then I saw something about using them when you pound meat so I tried it for chicken breasts - it worked great.

          jzerosck - thanks for the tip about freezing before vacumn packing!

          Has anyone tried them for lining a pan when making candy like brittles?

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            "Has anyone tried them for lining a pan when making candy like brittles?"

            It's perfect for this use. I made several hard candies like that over the holidays and it worked perfectly.