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Jan 28, 2009 07:03 AM

Miami Dinner Recommendation

Hi all...

I have to pick someone up at the Miami airport at 8pm tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Want to go straight out to dinner from the airport and need some recommendations. We have to drive back to Ft Lauderdale after dinner so I don't want to go too much further south (aka: South Beach) please. Thanks!

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  1. I should have said that I would like a nice place but nothing super fancy. All types of cuisine are good but would say no Cuban as that is on Friday night. Thanks!

    1. Here are some fairly current threads on dining options near the Miami airport (with more threads linked within) ->

      Going to Coral Gables points you in the opposit direction from FTL, but only for a few miles. On the other hand, the Design District is in the right direction and only a couple minutes off the highway, where your options include Michael's Genuine, Pacific Time, Sra. Martinez, Fratelli Lyon ...

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        best option is the design district