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Jan 28, 2009 06:59 AM

Big Four

Staying at the Huntington Hotel in San Fran. Should we eat dinner at their restaurant, Big Four? Will have been in Napa eating more 'trendy' food, so thought maybe an 'old school' place (that I've heard this is) would be ok. But I don't want the old guy next to me falling asleep in his Fr. onion soup - and I just checked - that's really on the menu! Or is there something else around (Nob Hill) that we shouldn't miss? Thnx.

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  1. They have old guy on their menu? Interesting.

    I know nothing at all about Big Four, but hey, you're in the big city, why
    not get out and see some of it? If you're looking for old school, you could
    head downhill to the Tadich Grill. Very little is older or schooler than Tadich.

    Check reviews before ordering; there apparently are some clunkers on
    the menu. I don't think I've ever explored beyond the pan fried sand dabs and
    the cioppino, Both of which are very good.

    Tadich Grill
    240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

    1. I have been to the Big Four and it is definitely an old money type of place. They do a nice job with the food. They really put on an old school show too. If you don't want to go in for the full restaurant, you can eat in the bar, which is a little more casual than the dining room. It's one of the better old school places I've been to.

      As for options on Nob Hill, you very close to Union Square, Chinatown, and Belden Lane. So you can search those locations and you'll come up with lots of recos.

      If you're committed to the old school, here is a recent thread on that.

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      1. re: Shane Greenwood

        Thanks for the feedback (and interesting thread). Mainly wanted to make sure it wasn't resting on it's laurels, as some old-time places tend to do. Will probably eat there, since that's what the couple with us suggested. Will report back.

        1. re: Shane Greenwood

          We usually eat in the bar area and listen to the pianist and watch the bartender. Like the burger and chicken pot pie. Crab cakes have too much filler for my tastes.

        2. I like the Big Four. However, while the food is okay (and occasionally good), frankly I go for the "old school" ambience more than I do for the food. There are so few of the old SF style places remaining, that I try my best to support them when I can.