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Jan 28, 2009 06:55 AM

Reading Terminal Market

Favorite places to eat or foods to take home?

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  1. Nanee's kitchen for Pakistani. Sooo good.
    Termini brothers bakery for canoli and Italian cookies.

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      Dutch Eating Place for pancakes and crispy bacon
      Beiler's Bakery for cinnamon buns, donuts, and apple fritters
      Mueller's for chocolate peanut butter covered pretzels
      Termini's for nirvana pastries and torrone (or raspberry pound cake or dead bone cookies at the appropriate time of the year)
      DiNic's for roast pork sandwiches with provolone and broccoli rabe
      Fourth St. Cookies for double chocolate chip cookies
      Fisher's Pretzels (soon to be Miller's Twist) for hot soft pretzels
      Olympic for gyros and baklava
      Metropolitan Bakery for pan rustique bread

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        We've already chosen a place in Chinatown for lunch (w/ some help from Philly Chowhounders) but we'll be stopping at Reading Mkt on the way back to the train after a matinee show. Is Rick's worth trying for a cheesesteak or do you think Olympic Gyro is a better choice? Anybody had BBQ at the Rib Stand there? Or BBQ Chx at Dienner's?The Pork Sandwich w/ Br rabe sounds like a winner too (those went downhill here at a local Tony Lukes). How bout the pickle place? Damn, so many decisions. LOL.

        1. re: gbean

          Rick's was evicted in October but may resurface in March at the that's out. The gyros are very good to me. The BBQ ribs are just meh at the Rib Stand and the chicken at Dienner's is all rotisserie (but they do have little sauce cups). The pickle place is ok depending on what you want but most of the stuff is not made in house. If it were me I'd go for the roast pork (which will probably be agreed upon by other posters) or the gyro (which may very well be not!). My favorite in the market is still those pancakes...

            1. re: tuxedo

              Depends on whose side you believe...but either way he (and Dunston) are both gone:



              Rick is planning on re-opening at the Shops at the Bellevue as soon as March.

          1. re: gbean

            Dienner's has the BEST chicken wings (done on the rotisserie). I'll second the DiNic's sandwich and I'll have to try the gyro!

          2. re: bluehensfan

            By the time we got back to RTM they were going to be closing in an hour so....We went to DiNics and shared that lwonderful Pork Rabe Prov sandwich. I love that they give you the pork juice on there, makes all the difference in the world. (Local Tony Lukes in my area makes them dry and not as flavorful). 4th St cookies were fab. And we took home these extra long spring rolls from Shan Kee (?). I wanted to try Hershel's but my companion had made Corned Bf days before and had been eating it for every meal. Next time!

        2. DiNics for roast pork with aged prov, and greens is really hard to beat....

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            The Fair Food Project for local produce, dairy,meats and other products. One of the few places to get grass fed beef and other meats.
            I'll second Metropolitan Bakery for bread.
            Old City Coffee for coffee.

          2. Italian Hoagie from Salumeria

            1. ...and natural unprocessed honey from Bee Natural

              1. ah, it's great to dive deep into our RTM experiences every so often! we recommend them all the time so it's nice to remind ourselves of why.

                i have a typical RTM loop which goes a little something like this (i do a good bit of my grocery shopping here when i have it in me to cook at home):
                - start with a coffee from old city coffee - or, if i want less caffeine, the tea place right across from the smoothie place
                - produce & nuts from iovine + farmstand
                - bread from metropolitan
                - often dig for (cheap) random soap piece balls from terralyn's stand
                - food for me: either mezze pizza slices, or a pretzel and a root beer float from fishers, or a pasta combination dish from by george's
                - and depending on the time of day i may eat it at one of the table areas, or in the beer garden
                - fresh pasta from by george's
                - honey
                - cheese from salumeria or the amish or another place whose name is escaping me
                - butter from the amish
                - a smoothie from 4 seasons for the walk home (love carrot + strawberry + banana when they have all those things!). sometimes in the cold months i will swap the smoothie / coffee order, so i take my warm coffee out in the cold.