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Jan 28, 2009 06:16 AM

Herbs/spices for roasted potatoes?

I usually use olive oil, rosemary and black pepper, but recently tried sweet paprika, cumin, and garlic instead of the rosemary on my potatoes, and liked how they turned out. What spices or spice blends do you like to use?

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  1. I have tried curry and garlic although not a big fan of curry.
    Did a 5 chinese spice which was good
    Also one with red pepper, herbs and brown sugar, sweet and savory Ok ...
    Also, fresh herbs, oj and olive oil.
    I have to look this up but it was tomato sauce, brown sugar, herbs and a few other things
    I have to fine that again. Very good potatoes


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      Thanks for the ideas:) I've tried 5 chinese spice on roasted sweet potatoes, but think I might not have acquired a taste for the spice blend.

    2. One of my favorite things about potatoes is that they pair really well with any spices. I try to complement what I'm serving, or use what I have fresh on hand. I have lots of thyme, so I've been using that lately. Also, smoked paprika is fantastic. I also like to use a sprinkle of adobo. In the summer, I grill potatoes and then toss them with oo and fresh chopped basil and mint - it's really good. I also have tossed them in a little real maple syrup and chile powder when serving them with spice-rubbed pork chops - that was a real hit, and super tasty with the combo of sweet and hot.

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        Those ideas sound great, RosemaryHoney. I have some smoked paprika, and haven't really been using it, so I'll try it out on my next batch!

      2. sage can be really nice with potatoes, too.

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        1. Honey and mint has been a standard for years along with adobo

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              sorry honey and mint on a seperate time adobo. Sorry about that typo.

          1. We grow fresh herbs in the summer and dry them for winter usage. Suggestions:
            thyme, garlic & EVOO with a splash of lemon juice.
            chopped shallots, garlic, rosemary & EVOO with Hungarian paprika
            garlic, EVOO & dried oregano (this is great with chicken - Chicken Vesuvio)