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Jan 28, 2009 05:49 AM

Lewisburg / Williamsport - greasy spoon

I am going to passing through on RT 15 and I am looking for an adventuress lunch.

Have you ever seen Diners, Dive in and dives or Man vs Food. Those are the kind of places I am looking for. Thanks for the help.

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  1. LEWISBURG; Good Will's outside lwbg, about 4 miles east of town on rt 45, far side of montandon is good farmer food - roast beef, pork, ham, etc, with corn, slice of waffle, hot lettuce. good pies, also good breakfast. mike n dot's is 7 miles west, in mifflinburg, on rt 45, great soups (usually have 15-20 to choose from every day), good burgers, ribs, wings n yuengs nite is cool too - pitchers of yuengling & wings n ribs, several sauces. reg food in town - town tavern, zelda's coffee shop, maya's for sandwiches, roller mills antique mall has a food shop with decent stuff. rite dwntwn is la casa or house of pizza (same place, 2 names). great cheap baked subs - mixed cold cut is great, cheesesteak is steak umms, gooey chez, get both "ini the garden" - w/ lett, tom, onion.

    south of town, off rt 15, in sunbury is a great dog place - the "squeeze in" it's 4 stools in a place about 8 feet wide, great dogs & ya HAVE to get the spicy chili sauce.

    WILLIAMSPORT: turkey ranch, 20 min north of town, right on rt 15south - roast turkey dinnners, sands, etc. good pies. franco's downtown isn't a greasy spoon, but at nite the shrooms, mixed with a delicious broth, spicy peppers, salami bits, covered with melted cheese n served w/ homemade bread is unbelievable. masseto's has great subs on fresh made bread..