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Jan 28, 2009 05:12 AM

Tucson cheap eats

Dear Southwest hounds:

A Boston Hound here about to visit your fair city. Looking for regional food on the less expensive end. I've searched the board and not found much. Taco Bron, Mi Nidito, Mimi's cafe and el Minuto have ben suggested. I see that Sonoran Mexican is a local highlight and suggestions of this type would be welcome. I will certainly report back. Thanks for your help.

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  1. El Guero Canelo is good -- excellent tacos (huge condiment bar) and other stuff including Sonoran hot dogs, which I haven't tried

    Little Cafe Poca Cosa -- we even like it better sometimes than the fancier big sister. Open only weekdays for Breakfast (yum! gets you through a long day of mineral
    shopping like nothing else) and Lunch

    Mariscos Chihuahau -- excellent ceviches and prawn dishes

    Theresa's Mosaic Cafe

    1. Lot's of good cheap eats in Tucson, sonoran food pretty much dominates the area. If you have never had it you are in for a treat, those you mentioned are great, Mi Nidito is pretty much jammed from the time they open 'til close. I would stay out of places like El Charro, Poca Cosa they are snob joints and way over priced. Let me suggest a few:

      El Molinito, 22nd&craycroft, do the platter #8, Carne seca, chili relleno, refried beans (best in town) and homade flour tortillas, and in my opionion the best salsa in town.

      Lauruas, Broadway east of Campbell, Best Green corn tamales on the planet. The simple ground beef chimichanga is the best (ask for a side of their mild warm taco sauce on the side, goes perfect with it.)

      El Guero Canelo, On N. Oracle Rd. & Grant. This place is starting to get National attention (this can be good & bad) very simple sonoran fare, the salsa and vegetable bar is unbeleivable (and free!) you gotta order at a window and pick up yourself, everything is on paper but it's fine. Try the sonoran hot dog, fantastic!

      Enjoy Tucson, it's one of the last small cities in America to have an identity. Someday I would like to return to your area of the country and stuff myself with wholebelly fried clams. have a safe trip.

      1. I'll throw in a couple of non-Mexican options for you too (though I can second Guero Canelo).
        Bison Wiches has great sandwiches and soups, a great beer selection, and is pretty cheap.
        Zachary's pizza is super-deep dish. Try the chicken, spinach and feta pie.

        Bison Wiches
        326 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

        Zachary's Pizza
        1028 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85719

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          Oh, I almos forgot. You have to try an Eegee's. These are a local chain, all over Tucson. The food itself is fine, but what you want is their frozen treat. They have three every-day flavors and one rotating flavor of the month. Try them all if you can!

        2. Thanks so much for the rapid replies. Keep them coming. Joan, I hadn't thought of mariscos being in the desert and all (i was misinformed), but will certainly try it. Mrbigshotno.1, if you come to Boston, happy to lead you on a clam belly crawl on the north shore. I think it's our best local contribution to regional cuisine. ajs228, thanks for the non-Mexican which will come in handy for a 4 day trip.

          1. My favorite cheap eat in Tucson is the Guatamalen place on Fourth Ave: Maya Quetzal

            Maya Quetzal
            429 N 4th Ave Apt 5, Tucson, AZ 85705