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Jan 28, 2009 03:03 AM

Indian in Portchester or nearby

I've heard of a great Indian restaurant in Portchester...anyone know it? Or, can recommend one nearby? Have been to Malabar Hill in Elmsford which was good.

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  1. There is Tandoori on N. Main Street. Not sure if it's what you are thinking of. I have been there once and it was good, but not sure if it is exactly a destination place.

    1. Yeah I really love Tandoori

      1. Bengal Tiger in White Plains has been around for decades and is delish!!

        1. I have only eaten at Tandoori in Port Chester once for the lunch buffet, but I thought that it was a particularly good buffet with some unusual choices.

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            there is an indian place across the street from bengal tiger, which is good and cheaper than bengal tiger

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              It's called Ambadi. It's really a take-out place, not a sit-down. Food is okay, not great. Tried it a few times and the samosas are always overdone and dried out, lamb in the entrees a little chewy. Sauces are okay and bread is good. They have an item they call a wrap that is in a buttery, layed, almost flaky dough - that was delicious. Would go back just for that and the tasty, unusual but probably extremely caloric sweets.

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                My hairdresser says that she always gets Indian food delivered from Ambadi, and thinks it's fantastic.

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                  To each their own roxlet, I can just speak to my own experiences. We actually ate in the place once and then took takeout from there the other night (granted - from White Plains home to Mamaroneck so food a bit cooled off) and were underwhelmed both times - the wrap and the sweets being the exceptions. Perhaps we should be ordering different items. Would be helpful to know what your hairdresser usually gets from there and what she likes. What other Indian restaurants does she frequent?

                  BTW - I think at lunch they have a steam table and may make fresh food for it daily. We have eaten there in the evening abd seen the empty, cold steam table. When we order the staff goes to the kitchen to prepare our food which could be reheated stuff from their refrigerator. The wrap was definitely freshly made though.

          2. Tandoori is very good. Do give it a try.