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Jan 28, 2009 02:40 AM

Barcelona this Saturday - Cinc Sentits or Comerc 24??


We are starting our honeymoon this Saturday in Barcelona (then going skiing for a week). As we have a baby (who is staying with her grandparents!) we don't get out too much at the moment and want to have an amazing meal. I can get a table at Comerc 24 for 10.30pm or a table at Cinc Sentits for 9.30pm.

Which is better?? I love good food and wine, and like inventive cooking but not too keen on having everything covered in foam and gels, which is what's putting me off Comerc 24 a bit.

Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Can't give you advice on which place is better but I clicked on this b/c my husband and I got engaged in Barcelona in 2001. All I can say is congratulations and have an awesome time. Happily married and two kids later I would love to be doing what you guys are doing...dinner in Spain and then skiing...sooooo jealous! Enjoy!!!!!

    1. Please check out a recent thread on this board:

      1. Both are great, however Comerc 24 is slightly more special, has much more of a buzz and has a great wine list (and one of the best sommeliers I have ever come across). Went in September and there were no foamy dishes, and is a lot more down to earth than people realise.

        Not to put you off CS - which keeps getting better and better!

        1. The original comment has been removed