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Jan 27, 2009 10:58 PM

Great place to eat

I found this great little hole in the wall to eat as long as you get there before 7 because then it gets crowded. It is Bianca's on Bleeker St. It is a little crowded with tables but the food is absolutly amazing and the prices are about as good as the food. I went on a date there with someone who had never been to NY before and she was very impressed with it as well. Even though we did not drink any wine they have a great selection. I would recomend it to anyone.

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  1. Bianca was a Manhattan board favorite about two or three years ago, but it hasn't gotten much mention recently. I went once and had the fried artichoke appetizer and a seafood pasta. Both were okay. The artichokes were pretty greasy, and the pasta a bit leaden (too much butter, perhaps). It is cheap, though, for the amount of food and the quality of the ingredients. I haven't returned because it was so packed and loud - not a very relaxing place at all.

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      I went several times, but I think that several places further east (and closer to me), like Cacio e Vino and probably Supper, serve better food at a similar price point. I do have very good memories of Bianca's livers in balsamico and enjoyed their fritti misti, though.

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        Interesting -- I had dinner with a group of friends at Cacio e Vino a while back and we all found the food to be incredibly overly-salted. Maybe it was an off night, but nobody could finish their meal, unfortunately.

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          I haven't had that problem at Cacio e Vino so far, and I think I'm fairly sensitive to over-salting. I'd like to think it was a fluke, but I wouldn't encourage you to give them another chance, after an experience like that.