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Jan 27, 2009 10:30 PM

Molecular Gastronomy in or near San Diego

Hello all....this is my first post in this awesome board and I was wondering if you knowledgable people know of any place like that title says? Me and the wifey are very curious about tasting some of the wierder creations and don't have the money to spend to go to Chicago or New York....or El Bulli...:)


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  1. You won't find anything close to molecular gastronomy in SD. The closest restaurant which uses some of the "modern" cooking techniques is Coi in San Francisco. Otherwise get a plane ticket to Chicago, New York or Washington.

    1. I've read that the new chef (sorry, can't recall his name) who replaced Gavin Kaysen at El Bizcocho at The Rancho Bernardo Inn is embracing some alternative cooking methods.

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        Is this where you read it? I saw the article a couple weeks ago, and I thought the post and article were related.
        Anyhow...I skimmed the article, hope it can be helpful to someone.

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          indeed you are correct. Replacing Gavin will be a real challenge, but the new chef seems to have the backing of ownership to pull out all the stops and be creative. It will be interesting to see what develops.

        2. well it's not that close but the father of Molecular Gastronomy Jose Andres has opened Bazaar in Los Angeles..

          You can find reviews and info on the LA board. (I'm not good with the linking info)

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            "father of Molecular Gastronomy"...? A frustrated Ferran Adria could not be reached for comment. Nonetheless,
            is the site you're looking for and a short 1 1/2 hour drive from SD. Heck, why not make a weekend of it and check into the SLS hotel (where Bazaar is located)? Think they're still offering opening special rates...

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              "A frustrated Ferran Adria could not be reached for comment. " - And Nichloas Kurti and Herve This are just sad to be ignored.

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                sorry I was only trying to pass along information... I am no where near the foodie you guys are.

                I shall give myself 30 lashes (using only home made pasta as is foodie law)


          2. Haven't been to the new El Biz, but Kitchen 1540 in Del Mar has a few of those "molecular" whims, like pop rocks on foie gras and caramelized yogurt and stuff.

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