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Jan 27, 2009 09:48 PM

Meeting Biological Korean Parents for the 1st time in KC...where to eat?

Here's a little more of a backstory:

But my biological Korean parents are coming to Kansas City on Friday afternoon and staying until Saturday evening. My twin sister and I are unsure of where to take them when we go out to eat because 1) we dont have a ton of money between us 2) they dont speak english 3) i dont want to introduce them to something totally offensive or foreign

By point three, I mean that I heard certain things about asian perferences such as they dont really like dairy, (cheese too?) or Mexican cusine. Plus, since Asians typically eat their meals family style (at least I did when I visited them last year) would it be weird to order for them and what if they dont like the food?

We are going out to lunch on Friday afternoon, preferably somewhere close to the airport / Northland (think like Barry Road...chain heaven, ugh) eating dinner and breakfast at my sisters apt and going to the plaza for lunch and dinner before they catch their flight home that evening.

I was thinking perhaps Genghis Khan...i saw this coupon online

and they do have AMAZING basil chicken pots, calamari and chicken wings. but is it a bad idea to take koreans to an american chinese restaurant?? Furthermore, i know Genghis Khan's claim to fame is their bbq but honestly im just not that impressed (i know its my fault since i make my own stir fry but still) and i know that big grill and ingredient bar might confuse my parents (remember, they dont speak or read english!)

My sister was voting for Chipolte, haha but I was ADAMENT that our parents would not leave with the impression that this is American food.

Dont crucify me, but would the Horizons at the Ameristar be a bad idea...its got food from everywhere, and frankly, it does LOOK impressive...i'm desperate here.

What is a good semi-inexpensive place in the northland for lunch and one dinner on the plaza???

Thank you SO much!

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  1. Chipotle? that's a McD subsidiary isn't it? KC can do better, but food is just a distraction, it's the spirit of hospitality and reconciliation that counts or just do the best you can at home (even better, cook together and share ideas)

    they're prob. as nervous as you are - the gesture is the point.

    Best wishes.

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      Chipotle is not owned by McDonald's any longer

    2. Chappells in downtown NKC would be my choice for lunch
      O'Dowds in Zona Rosa?
      Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza or maybe Hoolihans

      1. Why don't you take them somewhere that is distinctly American, rather than Asian? I think if I was going to Korea, I would want Korean food. I don't know much about Korean food, but don't they eat quite a bit of beef? I think a good BBQ dinner would be a good start. Definitely American, but probably not too exotic.

        1. Don't limit yourself to the Plaza. How about 39th St.? A cool funky KC neighborhood. Pick a restaurant where you can share. Pizza at D"Bronx. Dumplings at Blue Koi. Or the Nelson-Atkins Rozelle Court cafe. The food is fine for lunch and what a great museum. And no, no, no to Chipotle. There is much better Mexican to be had.

          1. I have many Korean ESL students, and over the years we've done a lot of lunching. Absolute NO to Mexican or Italian (including pizza) -- steer clear of cheese. In general, they are not fond of typical American food. They like Japanese food a lot, as well as good Thai and Indian. I'm sure they'd enjoy Chinese food if we had a decent Chinese restaurant in town. They really like excellent fish, simply prepared, so if you have a good fish market, you could cook them up some fish.