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Jan 27, 2009 08:55 PM

Where to get Mexican bottled Coke

I've been enjoying Mexican bottled Coke for some time. It is made with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup and you can taste the difference. I thought we could start a thread on places you can get it. Places with Kosher Coke for Passover will also work. Here's where I always buy Mexican Coke:

The Harvest Market
14055 Burbank Blvd (corner of Hazeltine)
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 780-2242

Please add any other locations you know. I'm looking for one on the Westside. Restaurants that carry it (many taquerias) should be listed as well.


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  1. Seems like almost anywhere...Costco, Smart & Final, 7-11, Wal Mart..........

    1. ... And if you search this board for "Mexican coke," you'll get 21 hits in the last year alone.

      1. My local Target now carries it, which is nice. So it's no longer hard to find.

        But for those hard to find sodas, Galco in Highland Park carries seemingly everything: http://www.sodapopstop.com/

        1. Sam's Club also has them...but sometimes they also carry Jones cola, which is also made w/out HFCS.

          1. One thing you should know is that if the bottled states "Sugar" it is using Corn Syrup as the sweetener. This started a year or two ago in the Mexican bottling plants. If the bottled states "Cane Sugar" then you have the better quality coke.
            Hints to help you find the Cane Sugar bottles - Most of the NEWER looking bottles are label as "SUGAR".
            If you can find the local Mexican Markets & Restaurants you will probably find the bottles marked "CANE SUGAR".

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              Thank you for this tip...this is very tricky and sneaky...I would not have known to look for this subtle difference in labling. Thank you, again!

              1. re: nrique

                Costco Business Center Hawthorn yesterday, labeled 'Sugar' NOT 'Cane Sugar'.