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Jan 27, 2009 07:45 PM

Red Rooster/Woodstock Inn, VT

I hear the new restaurant in the Woodstock Inn is good. Does anyone have any reports on it?


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  1. yep, it was good a touch out of place for Woodstock but its ok. I have heard many comments good and bad, my meal was just ok nothing to write home about but that was the first round, I still have two more times to visit before the true colors show. the locals hate the look but most of them are old and cranky so who cares what they say.

    1. I originally posted this review on Trip Advisor and cut & pasted in here:
      We went to the Red Rooster after hearing Woodstock townspeople say it was nice. It was my birthday and we wanted to dine early and get back on the road as we'd heard there was snow arriving early the next morning. We arrived about 4:45 pm without a reservation and were the only ones in the restaurant. The service was great but almost overdone since there was no one else there yet. However , that is a very minor quibble - I'd rather it be oversolicitous than the alternative. We had appetizers which were perfect [oysters on the half shell and oysters Rockefeller], and I was asked what kind of wine I wanted. I said something white and not dry and the waitress brought me 3 different samples. I made my choice and I very much appreciated being given the opportunity to choose. I chose the swordfish for my entree and it was perfectly cooked and delicious. I would have chosen butter instead of olive oil to top it because I think the taste of butter is better than olive oil as a topping for fish. But that's just me. I LOVE the way they do vegetables/side dishes - you get to choose a few from at least 10 or 12 choices, served family style with your dinner. We chose the roasted mushrooms, the sauteed spinach, and the roasted beets - all absolutely delicious and a delightful change from the veg/side dish accompaniments you usually find in restaurants. My husband got the scallops and was very happy with them and the way they were served. He had also ordered a blue cheese and bacon-dressed salad and it was excellent - real homemade-tasting dressing and perfect Bibb / Boston lettuce. We had one of the dense chocolate desserts and it was just like the rest of the meal - perfect. People on Trip Advisor have complained about the layout of the restaurant and that it's cold and too modern looking but we loved it - spare and modern but not unattractive to us at all. We had a table by the window and we were warm and comfortable. The music was also very nice - not too loud, not too low, and a nice mix of soft classics. The manager stopped by our table and he and other waitstaff were personable and caring. I would make the 90-minute trip back there on a weekend night in a heartbeat. It was among the top five most pleasant restaurant experiences I have had in my life, and I have been lucky enough to have eaten in many fine restaurants all over the U.S. We both decided that the price of dinner for two ($150) with a mixed drink and a couple glasses of wine, appetizers, dessert, espresso, and tip, was well worth it. We could not think of anything which needed improvement. Even the ladies room was nice - attractive, well lighted, clean and shining with high-end toiletries. The lobby of the Woodstock Hotel was also lovely and inviting with a BIG real fire in a big fireplace - unusual. Also a nice library area off the lobby. A cute little hotel gift shop offers locally made stuff for tourists as well as stuff you might have forgotten to bring with you on vacation. Just overall a really nice place. Next time we might spend the night, or even choose it as a special-occasion destination for our anniversary or something. We walked there from downtown Woodstock so I don't know about their parking or reservations. It is NOT a dress-up place though we would have felt underdressed in jeans and boots.

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