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Jan 27, 2009 07:11 PM

Only ONE night in London for a special meal, not TOO pricey, but nice, maybe romantic, etc….good food is a MUST.

Hi I'll be in London for a night, coming from NYC. Looking for something similar to Degustation in NYC, good food and not too pricey. My budget is about 200 USD for a meal for two, gratuities included. Staying at the St Martin's Lane hotel so somewhere close by, or a short taxi ride away, would be preferable. Thanks!

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  1. I recommend an Italian restaurant called L'Arena at 6 Greek Street, London, phone: 0207 734 2334. I've eaten there a few times. Excellent food and service, nice atmosphere, and should fit your budget. Nearest tube stops are Tottenham Court and Leicester Square. I suggest calling in advance or asking your hotel concierge to do so for hours and/or reservations. Reservations are probably not needed, but better safe than sorry.

    1. You could try L'atelier de Joel Robuchon (it's fairly pricey,I think the weak sterling should work in your favour) - the food is stunning and it's very close to St Martin's Lane.
      Or head over to Soho to Quo Vadis - classic food cooked very well and a beautiful dining room.
      For a great British food, Rules is also close by for classic dishes showing off the best of English produce - game, oysters etc in a very plush space. Pretty old school but with good food -if you are in to that kind of thing.
      You could also walk up to Soho to Arbutus - has one star but very good value.

      1. Bocca di Lupa (if you can get in) or Andrew Edmunds - both soho area and not too far. Andrew Edmunds is very small, romantic and menu is small and changes daily. Bocca di lupa is delicious and genius

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          Bocca di Lupo was awarded top place in Time Out's Fifty Best Restaurants this week.

        2. I know I'm a broken record but: Corrigan's. I like the fish preparations there significantly more than the meat ones, though some of the game dishes are quite good (the suet pudding and the poached pheasant in particular). For dessert, the lime souffle is always the showstopper, but I adore the chocolate dessert with the sour cherry ice cream and the restrained rhubarb-custard tart too. I dare you to stop at just one piece of warm, fresh bread and unspeakably delectable butter (though you'll pause, of course, to work your way through the complementary spicy cheese wafers and the deep-friend cheese-stuffed olives). Oh, and you must have a few of Ricardo's Plymouth Navy Blues: so good! Prices are absurdly cheap for the quality.

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            I've booked in for a special occasion dinner in a couple of weeks - and I'm pleased to see a top-end restaurant that has finally embraced the internet for bookings.

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              I agree with peelmeagrape.
              Corrigan's is a very good restaurant. Food, service, price - all excellent.


            2. I can recommend 2 places. The first is the Chancery, just round the back of Chancery Lane tube station. Fantastic food, have been many times and it's always excellent, and also has a good wine list. Beware being sat downstairs if you can.
              The second place is Patterson's in Mayfair, and this place would be my vote due to the uncertainty of where you'd be sitting in the Chancery (unless you were guaranteed a room upstairs). Quiet, refined, and wonderful food-true quality.
              Oh, and here's the best bit, and a top tip for anyone coming to London. They both have special offers on (Patterson's 40% off food, Chancery I can't remember).
              Signing up is free, us Londoners use it a lot! And don't worry, it doesn't affect the quality of food that you receive. Look up both restaurants on there and see what you think. Both of those places are some of the nicest I've been too here in the big smoke, and both are value for money (that;'s not to imply that they're cheap), something which good food in London, thanks to expense accounts, is quite hard to find.
              Someone mentioned Andrew Edmunds-yes it is very nice in there, it's a bit quirky and individual, but their prices have gone up to about £80-90 for two. It's appeal was that it was good food in a nice, if slightly cramped, atmosphere, it's romantic, and it would cost £50-60 for a lovely meal. WIth the recent hike in prices, it's competing against a different class of restaurant, and as such I wouldn't be in such a rush to recommend it as I would have been previously.

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                Sheekys have just opened an Oyster bar next door to the usual restaurant - bet it is great, I can't wait to go. L'atelier is very £££ but they do do a set menu that brings the price down, and the venue is very seductive. Otherwise there is a new French place called Terroirs, very reasonable and unusual wine list, with charcuterie and cheese boards, amongst other small sharing plates - small, intimate and friendly.

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                  hi just married - r u my sister? if so when did u go to Terriors?