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Jan 27, 2009 06:57 PM

Tati Bistro, Harbord just West of Spadina - A quick review

There have been quite a few reviews of Tati, not least the recent comparison of three bistros:
Nevertheless a quick review of their prix fixe menu follows:

The prix fixe menu is $25.00 and is offered Sunday to Wednesday. In our view it represented overall good value, given that Winterlicious is a damp squib.

The items on the menu are very simple: soup/salad; bavette frites/poulet frites/a daily vegetarian pasta dish; and apple tart/profiterole for dessert. The salad was straightforward, crisp, and fresh, while the ginger carrot soup arrived piping hot and was delicious. The bavette was perfectly cooked to medium-rare, tasty, and suitably tough. The vegetarian pasta on this night was a fresh beet and tarragon rissotto whose flavours blended uniquely and wonderfully. Desserts were first-rate.

The service was extremely friendly and accomodated complicated dietary restrictions. Admittedly the restaurant was only half full but all the tables seemed to have received appropriate friendly attention.

If you would like to experience this otherwise somewhat more expensive restaurant, the prix fixe, at $25.00, provides good pyrotechnics.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I wondered about that place.

    1. Well let me start with, I just got kicked out about an hour ago. But wait.... I guess I should start with the fact that I made reservations three weeks ago. No one said there was a time limit. In fact I thought I was being overzealous in making a reservation. Dinner was fine. Food was average at best and certainly not "French bistro" quality. However, when I ordered coffee and was told that my party and I had to leave, I was utterly horrified. I have never, in my life, been asked to leave a restaurant -- even when maybe I should have been. Apparently, Tati is so busy these days that they are offering two seatings on the weekends and there is a time limit.

      Unfortunately, no one told me about it -- when I made the reservation or when I showed up this evening. Nor, quite frankly, did they schedule their meal service in such a way that after two hours they had any right to ask me to leave. I had enjoyed the standard three courses and was getting ready for coffee when I was told it was time to go. It is not like my party was loitering after having ordered water and breadsticks. This, to me, is utterly unacceptable. If they want to turn their tables and offer two seatings, then they had better orchestrate their meal service in such a way as to move the evening along so that diners can enjoy a leisurely meal and not acutally be asked to leave because the table is double booked.

      To add insult to injury, after the poor clueless waitress was sacrificed to be the bearer of bad tidings, I asked to speak to the manager who actually turned hostile. That was impressive for its sheer gaul. She then said that she would get the owner, but apparently he was too busy to come and discuss the matter -- information that was conveyed by the sacrificial waitress who offered me a business card and told me to call someone named Wayne tomorrow morning. Yeah, I am about to do that. I might call him at home in a few hours and tell him his restaurant is an embarassment, but that's about it.

      My advice to anyone who has made it this far in my tale of woe is to avoid this dump like the plague. If there is any justice in the universe it will be gone in a few months and we can all enjoy the falafel place that takes its spot. Seriously, people, it's a recession and you are kicking people out of your restaurant on a Saturday in March....? Well, I will pray for you Wayne. Repeat after me..."would you like fries with that...?" See you in a few months!

      a Montrealer who knows what French bistro is supposed to look and taste like!