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Jan 27, 2009 06:56 PM

Jackson Heights-- Indian & central Asian restaurant suggestions?

We'd like to make an afternoon of eating our way around Jackson Heights.
Indian and south Asian are always good, but also interested in branching out to other himalayan and various --istan countries. Would love recommendations for a tasty lunch spot and/or dessert and tea? Pleasant atmosphere (as opposed to those fluorescent light, grab and go type spots) would be a plus.

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  1. My personal fave is Kebab King- upstairs.

    1. with the rec. of the Vegetarian in Woodside/JH thread, I tried Mustang Thakali Kitchen on 37th and found it amazing and unique. I highly recommend it and can't wait to go back.

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              Thanks for your tips. We loved the roti and the mustard greens. Would probably skip the thali because some of the items are repeats, like the mustard greens and the cucumber chutney thing that was served with the roti. It'd would probably be better to go with a group and just order full orders of those dishes. The mustard greens were fantastic, as was the cabbage that came with my chicken thali.

              I was also really happy with the momo. Living with a vegetarian, I often order vegetable dumplings and am rarely impressed, but these were delicious even before adding any sauces. And the sesame, tomato and chili pickle sauces that came with the momos were awesome.

              1. re: Joe MacBu

                wow. what other authentic nepali restos do you recommend? hard to find anything like that in NJ

                1. re: aacharya

                  I usually don't go to Nepali restaurants since I can cook that stuff at home. You might want to check out Himalayan Yak and Yeti of Hieizan.

                  Himalayan Yak
                  72-20 Roosevelt Ave
                  Jackson Heights NY

                  Yeti of Hieizan
                  43-16 Queens Blvd
                  Sunnyside NY
         (creepy website)

                  1. re: Joe MacBu

                    have you tried both places? Went to Himalayan Yak a while ago before the remodeling and it was ok, some good stuff, some kinda boring, been meaning to go back. Went to Yeti of Hieizen for himalayan and sushi, the former was ok, the latter my gf said was horrible, so we never went back.

                    1. re: Widmark

                      I've been to both places only once.

                      I think I had the tama (bamboo shoots with black-eyed peas in a mustard curry) and the aloo ko achar (spicy potato pickle), both of which I thought were solid. I think those unfamiliar with the cuisine would find them to be interesting, though the curry is apparently an acquired taste. It's sour and has a little bit of funk. If you've had the bamboo shoots with catfish curry at Sripraphai, the taste is very similar. Some people complain that the pervading aroma smells like cat pee.

                      I recall that the momos at Yeti were very good. (Although I can't understand how all these Nepali restaurants, including that one cart, get away with charging a dollar or more per single momo. Considering that I can get Chinese dumplings for 25 to 50 cents a piece, this is a big ripoff.) I think the rest of the Nepali stuff was pretty solid as well.

                      I would never order sushi at a Nepali restaurant, nor at any other restaurant whose owners are from a landlocked country. I also don't order Tibetan items (except for momos), since they tend to be rather bland.

                      1. re: Joe MacBu

                        that's how we felt at himalayan yak...the tibetan stuff was boring but the nepali stuff was good. Looking forward to trying more momos at Mustang Thakali Kitchen.

        1. noshing around jackson heights might force you into those flourescent bulb places and if so . . . . check out Kahari & Grill (the old roti boti spot) at 73rd and Broadway. This place has a wide floor to ceiling window running the length of the restaurant, and excellent tandoor items (quail, beef behari kebab) and nice selection of items from the steam table. Ruchita (around the corner from Rajhbog) is quite festive inside (all new red interior) and snacky as well, for indian tandoor items. Dosa Place/Diner is nice as well, for their rava masala dosa.