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Jan 27, 2009 06:24 PM

Top 3 French Restaurants in Manhattan

We are celebrating a 40th birthday in the city 2/ of six. The birthday girl is big on French. We are thinking about Daniel... any other suggestions?

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  1. I'd say Daniel, too... if it's a Saturday night, make your reservations now.

    Other top French restaurants in NY? Jean-Georges, Eleven Madison Park, Bouley, Tocqueville, La Grenouille (my personal favorite), Le Bernardin (fish).

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    1. re: ChefJune

      We have a reservation at Danile for Saturday, February 28 @ 8pm. We had a reservation at Le Bernardin which I want to try, but since there are six of us, they wanted a $300 deposit and a 48 hour cancellation policy. One of the couples in the party has small children and we live in Philadelphia and can not count on the weather in February. A lot can happen in 48 hours. The review in the NY Times in January gave Daniel **** again....

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        We went to Daniel for dinner and everything was excellent. We started with drinks in the bar area and then went to the dining room for dinner where we meet Daniel. The noise level was a little high, but the food was amazing.

      2. Daniel is a fine choice for a big occasion. I'd say the best French restaurants in the city right now are Eleven Madison Park and Veritas. And Corton, if you count it as French.

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          I have always found Daniel a bit staid and the food kinda boring (as Bruni pointed out)...if the birthday girl is turning 40 she will be the oldest one in there by about 20 years...if you are looking for something new, as wilfrid said, Corton isa really good exciting new place (Bruni raved) as is the always reliably great Le Bernadin. I would also go to Jean Georges in a heartbeat over Daniel...

        2. I've been to Daniel but I personally prefer Cafe Boulud - more intimate. I'd say both are good choices although if you're looking for the "top" restaurant, you should probably go with Daniel.

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          1. re: Barcelonian

            I think the "top" french restaurant in NYC would be Per Se... however, it would be very difficult for the OP to get in on that short of notice, but you never know...

          2. 1 - Daniel
            2 - La Grenouille
            3 - Le Bernardin (if you're heavily into fish/shellfish - almost no meat served)

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            1. re: Deenso

              Thanks Wilfrid, barcelonian, and Deenso for your replies.... we made a reservation at Daniel on 2/28!

              1. re: BRI328

                You made the right choice. The newly remodeled interior is very nice (not that I didn't like the old). I suggest getting there a little early and grab a drink in the lounge which is a nice way to ease into the evening.

            2. JEAN GEORGES, Le grenouille, Chanterelle,

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              1. re: foodwhisperer

                1. Jean Georges.
                2. Le Bernardin
                3. Cafe Boulud

                1. re: bd37703

                  How about Atelier Joel Robuchon. Seems to have fallen off the map.