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Jan 27, 2009 06:13 PM

Hostellerie des 3 Forces -- St. Barth

Here is a most unusual place with a most unusual chef. His food is spectacular. Here are a couple of his presentations:

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  1. Trying again to post photos:

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    1. re: ddavis

      Is this the place in Vitet or Marigot? Up on the hill? I can't remember if this is the same place. Great view for lunch, but I would never venture there at night.

      Great shots!

      1. re: Angelina

        Yes, pretty high up in Vitet, overlooking Grand Cul de Sac.

        1. re: ddavis

          Yes! Now I remember! We stayed in a villa in Marigot once and I remember on our other favorite board :) st barts talk...someone suggested this place for lunch.

          When I read your post, I thought back to all those great meals!! YUM!! I seriously do not think it is possible to EVER have 1 bad meal! I even had a great burger at Jo Jo burger! (and Le Select of,course!!)

          Thanks for the pics, too!! SO refreshing!!!!!!

    2. Have you ( or anyone else) returned in the past 2 years? We stayed in Vitet last year, and although H. des 3 Forces would have been convenient, we kept away because the menu posted behind glass out front looked so dingy and stained. I'd love to know if it is still as terrific as what ddavis experienced. (I'll be heading back to Vitet soon:))