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Help me find a substitute for Noilly-Prat

I always used to keep a bottle of Noilly-Prat dry vermouth on hand for cooking and an occasional martini. They recently changed the formula, and I now find it much too sweet. Can anyone recommend an alternative in the same price range?

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  1. I'd heard the NP was better than Martini & Rossi. Will be interested to hear feedback for MY replacement purposes.

    1. I like Cinzano but it is a very subjective thing. Each Vermouth has its own formula

      1. I am certainly OK with Cinzano, but "Martini" brand (an Italian dry Vermouth) or a Vya Vermouth might prove to be good choices.

        1. If you can find Vya vermouth (from the Quady winery in California) you may be very pleasantly surprised. Maybe not for cooking, but it's incredible in a martini, and is very nice as an apertif.

          1. Use half white wine and half sherry.

            1. You might want to search stock at other stores. One of my local stores had tons of the old formula available, and I bought a case to keep for cooking.

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                I've been doing the same, not buying it by the case, because I don't have the storage space for it, but keeping a few bottles on hand, which should keep me in dry martinis for a few years yet.

              2. Boissiere is the way to go, for both cooking and drinking.

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                  Also regretting the change in Noilly-Prat, especially since the new format is called "original dry," and most certainly is not dry! My theory is that this is an attempt to help people make the transition from the confected Cosmo 'Martini' to a more adult version, without actually going all the way.

                  That said, it is actually a lovely aperitif!

                2. Noilly Prat is returning the original dry formula under the Extra Dry name...should be available again soon..too little too late, as we have switched quite happily to Dolin for cooking and Martinis!