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Jan 27, 2009 05:54 PM

Via Alloro?

The new ( and counting ... ) Drago place, on Cañón in BH, a block south of Pastaio, west side of the street. Opentable says Executive Chef: Giacomo Pettinari , "they have so many regular guests and everyone is treated like family" ( so soon? )
After lots of recent bad raps in Drago places all around I'm kind of waiting to see what others say.
I'm listening.

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  1. i don't know about "regular guests" yet, but we have been treated well. we've actually been three times since it's opened (which is not like us at all) by mere coincidence -- tried it after it opened, then ended up there because another reservation got goofed up, and the third time, we were being taken out to dinner and surprised with a "new place.".

    some things that were enjoyed at our table over the trips:
    ricotta stuffed squash blossoms
    scallop carpaccio with yuzu vinegarette
    branzino in salt crust
    chestnut pasta with wild mushrooms
    florentine steak
    chicken paillard

    one thing that annoys me is that they offer a 70% gluten free pasta... what good does this exactly do anyone? if they're trying to target gluten free folks, well that's not particularly helpful... it's like *kind of* being diagnosed with cancer... it's either gluten free or it's not.

    1. eh- pretty good but expensive for what it is.

      I had the mushroom and spelt soup- did not like it
      DH had the grilled octopus- Mozza's was much better
      2 pastas- one with eggplant was good, one with meat sauce was great
      DH had the Tbone steak- done perfectly, pretty tasty
      has a nice bottle of cheap red italian wine ($38)
      way too loud inside- had to be asked to move to the patio
      nice service from the wine steward, OK waiter

      no value though- it was MUCH more expensive than Il Pastaio, and not any better

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      1. re: msmd310

        But it must be acknowledged, the Dragos did an excellent PR job.
        Thursday night the gig was chock full, a riot.
        Entirely agree with your conclusions, though.

        1. re: RicRios

          Margianl at best.
          Pizza was the best thing.
          Veal--was dry and need a sause
          Chicken--not bad, but not great
          Sea Bass--bad, reallty bad
          Salads--no taste

          Not worth the $$

      2. I had dinner at Via Alloro on Saturday night. We were a party of 6. One of the couples has a young child, so when they eat out they like to make it count. We'd heard good things about Via Alloro. I made a reservation, requested the patio, called to confirm, and received a confirmation phone call. I was told by friends who've had dinner here that the dining room is very loud and suggested the patio. We arrived for our 8pm reservation. I checked in a few times, but we still hadn't been seated at 845. I've experienced this at other restaurants. The professional way to handle a situation is to apologize to the patrons and offer at least to buy a drink or appetizer. We finally sat down at a table INSIDE around 9 or later. The restaurant is so loud it was difficult to hear the people I was having dinner with, but I could barely hear the waiter. The errors continued... the special menu from Friday was put in one menu so the items by boyfriend ordered weren't available, the veal tenderloin a friend orders was not medium rare as ordered, the manager sent over prosecco for our table (a nice gesture, but no one at our table drinks), the waiter didn't point out that the "chefs choice of vegetables" was the exact salad that they ordered as a starter and so on...I eat out in LA and NY regularly at great restaurants i.e. Spago, Bond Street, Matsuhisa, etec. I'd like to say that I've never written a review of a restaurant before, but my experience was so awful I felt compelled to write.

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        1. re: owensstuff

          The professional way to handle it is to seat you on time... bribery with free stuff is a Los Angeles phenomena and not professional...

        2. Do not waste your money on this place and go up the street to Il Pastaio.

          It's too noisy, too expensive, too uncomfortable and not very good food - not awful, by any means, but not worth the tariff.

          This location has been a black hole for many restauranteurs - I can't imagine this place not joining the others.

          1. ate at via alloro last night. 8:30 on a monday night = dead. the place was a virtual ghost town. but it did allows us to have the patio all to ourselves which was nice. it's a little weird because they charge $40 for a plate of pasta but they had espn on the large flat screen tvs scattered throughout the restaurant. so i think they take "casual" fine dining to a new level. $13 bellini was good but ridiuously overpriced. appstizer was the ricotta stuffed squash blossoms. that dish is always one of my favorites but even though everything tastes better fried it was a little bland. my entree was the linguine with crab. it was chock full of flavorful crab meat but the pasta was a bit too al dente. still very tasty. don't think i'd go back.