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Jan 27, 2009 05:25 PM

Best fondue in D.C.?

I got the idea of going out for fondue on Valentine's Day after suggesting it (at Geja's Cafe)to someone in the Chicago Area section. :) So - what's the best fondue to be had in the D.C. metro area? Specifically, is there anyplace (good) besides the Melting Pot chain?

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  1. I think the Melting Pot is the only fondue restaurant in least that I know of. But I would love to hear of other places since fondue is one of my favorite meals.

    You can always make it at home, fondue pots aren't that expensive these days. (Just make sure not to light your studio apartment on fire like my brother did a few years ago when cooking a romantic fondue Valentine's Day dessert for his then-gf. Really puts a damper on the romance when the fire department shows up :) )

    1. I can't think of anyplace other than the Melting Pot, but they do a decent job, and understand the "romantic" aspect, so I'll bet they have some sort of Valentine's Day special. There used to be a Swiss restaurant near Washington Circle in DC that featured cheese fondue and raclette but I'm sure it's long gone.

      1. They (The melting pot) were all booked for V-Day, I checked yesterday. The s.o. is a cheese fanatic.

        1. Firefly has fondue on their "urban picnic" menu.

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            doesn't Zola do fondue - they used to.

            (edit) guess not - what an annoying website!

          2. Have you checked Bistro du Coin or other French places such as L'Auberge chez Francois? Most people think of fondue as Swiss but it's also served eaten in the French alpine regions, without the overpowering flavor of kirsch, which I prefer. It's also really not that difficult to make at home if you have the equipment. You could do a romantic evening in.

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              I've personally never seen it on the menu of Bistro du Coin.

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                Thanks for the suggestions, all! I'm going to wait until my husband gets back to town in a few days and see what he thinks. We're thinking of having our Valentine's Day dinner a day or two from the 14th so we can actually get in someplace. :)

                1. re: seethaki

                  Just remember, it will also be Restaurant Week at that time.