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Jan 27, 2009 05:17 PM

Le Creuset for pots?

I have a set of Analon cookware that has served me well this last 10 years or so. Half the set has been replaced due to the teflon coming off. And all of the pieces are due for replacement as we speak.

In a previous thread I was working through replacing my omelette pan with something other than teflon coated stuff. I purchased 2 enameled cast iron Le Creuset pans. And through some trials and tribulations I have managed to figure out how to cook non stick eggs with them and could not be happier with them.

I would like to start investigating a replacement for my 2 and 3 qt sauce pans (I think that is what size they are). We have 2 small kids, and I must say the things that get made most in these pots is pasta and macaroni and cheese. There are many other things, just that these are the most common.

What do you think? Should I go Le Creuset? Would a good stainless set be OK, or better?

I must say, I have been truly happy and how well the Le Creuset stuff cleans up. Just not sure if I would be doing it justice for something as simple as these needs.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Especially from anyone who owns Le Creuset sauce pans.

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  1. just my opinion, from having a couple 2 quart LC enameled pots, but they seem to be a little bit of overkill given how much they cost and their relative merits vs. say stainless. For me, the main draw of LC cast iron is being able to put them in the oven for low and slow braising, and I think the smaller ones don't hold enough to make that worthwhile, so you're looking at using them primarily on the stovetop.
    If you can get them at a very good price, go for it, otherwise i'd opt for a 3-qt and a 2 qt stainless, maybe Sitram if you can get a good deal. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with them, they're just a little pricey for what I would be doing with them on the stovetop,

    1. Buy what you would enjoy using the most. You'll be happier for it. I've got a 2qt. LC oven that I use for rice and oatmeal. I braised a couple of fresh hocks in it the other day just for fun. I like it much better than any of my stainless.

      1. Le Creuset pans look great. However, you can get pans that
        will do as well for one-half to one-third the price.
        With larger LC pans, they
        are so awkward to clean I wouldn't buy 'em.

        1. Like Cpt Wafer, I have a 2-quart Le Creuset oven that gets a lot of use on the stovetop, mostly for making 1-2 cups of rice, heating leftovers and prepared foods, and other small jobs, especially ones where I want the pot to retain heat after the burner is turned off. But I don't think I'd choose Le Creuset if I were replacing my saucepans. Since they don't respond rapidly to changes in the burner temperature, they aren't great for things that require careful control; and they're heavy, so lifting a full saucepan by its single long handle would require some effort. Of course, it all depends on the uses you plan to make of them. Personally, I prefer stainless steel (NOT non-stick) for my saucepans. They're versatile, relatively light (even if clad or disc-bottomed), and I never have any problem cleaning them.

          1. And the LC pans are so much heavier than stainless steel in the same sizes. I've got some chantal enamel-on-steel saucepans I picked up some time ago at a TJMaxx/Marshalls/Tuesday Morning type place, plus a kitchen aid stainless saucepan. I love both, and if I were made to choose between one or the other for all my pots it'd be a difficult decision. But for saucepans, I'd agree that LC is overkill. Plus you can get a similar look with the enameled Chantal cookware.