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Jan 27, 2009 04:45 PM

Anything interesting in Mason, OH north of Cincy?

I'll be there for a day or two in a few weeks, and wonder if there's anything interesting up in or around Mason. I'm more interested in casual or hole-in-the-wall or ethnic than fine dining, but would love any and all recs.


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  1. Hi Maxalot. I hope your stay here is pleasant and welcome to the Cincy area. I unfortunately don't live in Mason and have not personally eaten at most of these but I did some research for you on and have compiled the top local restaurants on that site. Here it goes:

    Sushi - Bistro Ginza
    Good Hamburger Chain - Culver's
    Coffee/Tea - Awakenings Coffee & Tea Co.
    Italian - Pitrelli's Italian Cafe
    Pizza - Aponte's Pizzaa
    Baltic - Red Square (I have eaten here and it is authentic and good)

    Also, you will be close to the West Chester and Loveland areas as well so you might want to expand your search to these areas as well. For my help on local things check out, and as well.

    Anyone living in the Mason area? Please feedback on my suggestions.

    1. We have friends in Mason who live off Irwin Simpson & Fields Ertel Rd. Truthfully, Mason is the king of chain restaurants. Can't really think of anything unique. Whole Foods has a store around that area, we always love having lunch there, but since you won't be shopping, that might not be fun.

      Cincinnati is known for Cincinnati style chili, if that appeals to you. Pretty sure there is a Skyline on Fields Ertel.

      1. Mason is a fast growing suburb, so a lot of what you find are chains. There's a Red Robin that my friends swear by and I've eaten at the Claddaugh Pub which was good (and seems to get better reviews then Brazenhead Pub). If you head northeast for 15 minutes you can hit The Golden Lamb in Lebanon which is a historic restaurant. I've never had a bad meal there, but it's more in the fine dining price range.

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          Oh John - the Golden Lamb? We were a group of six in June 2005 and they managed to screw up everyone's order. Granted the place is a historic landmark, but I sure hope the food has changed. DH and friend's DH each ordered med rare steak which was served a la shoe leather. DD, friend and I ordered fried chicken of which some pieces were almost raw and some almost burnt. Needless to say we complained and weren't satisfied with their re-dress of the issue. Have you been there lately and is it better?

          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            Admittedly, the last time I was there was about 6 years ago, but my cousins go there every year and still enjoy it. Plus, I have a $100 gift certificate to the GL for winning a euchre tournament so I hope they've improved from your experience.

          2. re: JohnE O

            Mason-Montgomery Road is about a 3 mile strip of restaurants and other shopping places. i was at Claddaugh Pub Monday nite and they have a 9.95 fish-and-chips special going on currently (Monday nite only) that was pretty good. There is a Fox and Hound pub down the street also, and Brazenhead has already been mentioned (at Rt 42 and Tylersville?) Have been to all three, but don't have an opinion as to which one is "best"..more in the eye of the beholder. Yes, there are a lot of chain places in that area also. Golden Lamb might be more affordable than you think--was quite reasonable last time I was there (3 years ago) Unique place (oldest inn in Ohio) that should be visited at least once --many presidents have been there.

          3. More of the hole-in-the-wall variety:

            Sichuan Bistro (Chinese)
            7888 S Mason Montgomery Rd
            Mason, OH 45040
            (513) 770-3123

            Taqueria Maya (Mexican
            )7876 Mason Montgomery
            Mason, OH 45040

            Masala Club Indian and Nepali Restaurant (Indian)
            5232 Bardes Road
            Mason, OH 45040

            I work in Mason and have enjoyed all of these at lunch.

            Have a great stay.

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            1. re: mikjackson77

              Oooh, thanks, everyone! I'll report back in after I go in a few weeks.

            2. Jet Pizza gets excellent reviews (I've never been there):

              The Crooked Nail, an English style pub, excellent dinners:

              Toots on Montgomery Rd opposite Meier's - we like it - a large sports bar but family friendly too.

              Flying Pizza - NY style pizza by the slice or whole pies - in McCabe Crossing on Fields Ertel.

              Thai Delight on Montgomery Rd is reputed to be excellent.

              Houston Restaurant, on Rt 42, just north of Mason and the Rt 741 intersection - excellent salad bar, and frog legs are a specialty.

              We ate at Szechuan Bistro a few months ago. Extremely spartan service, and packed with Chinese folks. (Neither a bad thing, I'm just saying that the atmosphere is hectic fast food type.


              There are tons of chowish places around Mason if you ask around and keep your eyes open, but almost all of them are anyplace except Mason-Montgomery Road.