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Jan 27, 2009 04:29 PM

What else at Phillipes is good besides the sandwiches?

I was there this weekend and decided to experiment a little, so along with the usual lamb/bleu cheese dip with a side of slaw, I ordered a cup of chili and a donut. The chili was blah, but the donut, believe it or not, was fantastic. Just your basic cinnamon donut, but an exceptionally fresh, moist and flavorful one -- I'm not kidding when I say I'd consider stopping in just for the donuts.

Which got me to thinking, man that menu is huge. So what else is worth trying?

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  1. How could that be? The chili is the only thing I eat there.

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    1. re: monku

      Really? I mean, it was truly a bowl of unremarkable. Not what I'd call bad, but basically flavorless. Maybe Chili John's has spoiled me.

      1. re: deadorinjail

        I don't know, I always have to have lots of onions and crackers with any chili I eat. You being sarcastic or for real about the chili at Chili John's?

        1. re: monku

          Are you kidding? Chili John's rocks.

          1. re: deadorinjail

            OK....I've just heard differing opinions on these boards. But, I'll give it a shot.

            1. re: deadorinjail

              I tried Chili John's twice during the 6 years I lived in Burbank. Both times I was met with absurdly spicy meat paste.... all heat, no flavor, with the texture of elementary school paste. I'm willing to admit that perhaps this is a regional style of chili whose allure is missed by me, as I prefer my chili to at least have some modicum of variant texutre-- chopped ground beef is fine for me... if it tastes like it's been pureed in the blender, it's not.

              Mr Taster

      2. My one and only visit to Phillipes was poor for the food, but incredible for witnessing the operation.... Tried three sandwiches,...... beef, pork and lamb. All fair at best.....and the bread was terrible. The only thing truly memorable was the House hot mustard. Overall, disappointing given the hype....and the one hour wait on the line. It was more disappointing than my Pink's excursion, but that's another story.

        I should have eaten in Chinatown.

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        1. re: fourunder

          Even when the line is all the way to the wall the wait's never more than about 20-30 min. Give it another try. The bread is variable, and once in a while it's sort of stale, like a day old, but very rarely.

          As for recs on other stuff there, I like the baked apples, lemon m. pie, beef stew. Now I'm curious about that donut!

        2. I love their chili too. I have seen a lot of people ordering the beef stew which looks great.Haven't tried it yet.

          1. I had breakfast there once. I think it was bacon -- not sure now. All I recall is a big light in my head -- No more breakfast at Phillipes.

            1. The pickled egg
              The reasonably priced wines
              coffee and pie

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