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Jan 27, 2009 03:19 PM

Roasted veggies for work potluck tomorrow...

We'll be eating at noontime...should I roast the vegetables tonight in the oven and take in crockpot tomorrow and just heat them up that way or will they become mush? I've also seen recipes for crockpot roasted veggies but it seems that they would really be steamed, not roasted and that's not what I want...does anyone have a suggestion on how to pull this off? There's only one microwave available and it definitely will be used by others who really need it...thanks, everyone!

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  1. I'd think if you cut them into a large dice, then roast at very high heat but not for very long, so they get a nice char but retain a little bite, then they can handle the steamy crockpot reheat.

    1. Why not just serve at room temperature? Roast your regular way, refridgerate overnight and then bring to room temperature when you get to work.

      1. I think getting those veggies near a crockpot is putting them on the road to mushiness. Maybe a mashed veggie combo if you want hot. Otherwise, definitely serve at room temp with a nice vinaigrette or lite sauce. What kind of veggies are you making?

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          Always, I have small turnips, butternut squash, red peppers, yellow and green squash and red onion...I plan to add balsamic vinegar and some fresh rosemary, and of course, fresh crushed garlic.

          1. re: Val

            Just some thoughts:

            - I think turnips are better roasted with butter than olive oil (about the only thing on which I would use butter) since sometimes they can be peppery/bitter
            - the butternut I would cut in half rings and roast with rosemary and olive oil (I'd use the rest of the squash for soup for myself - otherwise cust in uniform pieces)
            - peppers and onion (rings or half-circles) roasted in olive oil only
            - if your in the right climate, grill the yellow and green squash - roasting will make them mushy

            Dress all with a vinaigrette or even a plain GOOD olive oil and salt (my preference for this). I wouldn't use the garlic here unless I also roasted it and served it as another veggie. Lay the veggies grouped together on a platter.

            Again, my opinion (and add carrots if you have them in the frig!)

            I'd be very happy to have this at a potluck!

            1. re: Val

              What about pureeing and making a soup? You can stick with the balsamic vinegar, rosemary and garlic, add some stock, serve creme fraiche on the side. I don't know how the yellow and green squash would be in it but the rest would make a great soup.

          2. Roast and serve at room temp. "roasted" vegetables in a crockpot is an oxymoron, I think. I would cool the veg completely before packing, again to avoid steaminess. If you roasted and used a balsamic dressing or glaze, it would a classic dish for room temp, depending on which vegetables. good luck!

            1. Do you have your own toaster oven that you could bring into work? That way you have your own little oven and you could reheat it in a couple, three batches. Better than mush.