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Jan 27, 2009 03:04 PM

Any Philadelphia Winter Harvest Members?

I love supporting local farmers and getting great organic veggies and meats, but I am always wondering about some of the more prepared items--sausages, jams and jellies, soaps, etc. Next month's ordering period is over tomorrow and it just occurred to me maybe some other chowhounds have tried some of these things and could give some reviews.

So, if you order from Winter Harvest, what are your favorites?

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  1. Only one place comes to mind the only place. Willow creek Orchard. They sell salsa and jams from their own fruits and Veg. They sell their 100% organically grown greens and sell as much local produce as possible, which is considerable. Take a look you will not be disapointed. www.willowcreekorchard.com.

    1. I hate to complain about supporting any local farming effort, but I had a terrible experience with Winter Harvest last year. Often items were not available when I went to pick them up (understandable, you never know as a farmer what will be ready when) but I had to fight like crazy to get reimbursed for what I didn't receive. It seemed unfair losing about $10 of my order each time and not being reimbursed. I found the whole experience very stressful.

      1. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Winter Harvest. i tried searching on Chowhound and didn't see an explanation (could be me), only that certain peole bought through them. Is there a link or could someone elaborate? Thanks

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        1. Sorry, I guess I should have elaborated. Winter Harvest is sort of like a CSA, but it is called a buying club. You pay money into an account (as much as you want) and then have the opportunity to order products from a variety of farmers (mostly from Lancaster County) and other local artisans. You pre-order for the month, and deliveries are made once a week to various pick-up sites around the city.

          My experience has generally been very good (this is my third year doing it). I have also had issues with missing items, but never had problems about being reimbursed. The prices are high, but most of the products are good quality. Many of the vendors also sell at the RTM and other farmer's markets, but it is much more convenient for me to do a pick up near my home.

          Anyway, as I said in my original question, I mostly buy produce, meat and dairy products, but often wonder about some of the prepared foods, jarred salsa, soaps, etc. that are also available. If others have tried those kinds of things, I'd love to hear about them.

          (since Buckethead supplied the link, I'll leave it out here)

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            Thanks for the info and the link. I live near Boothwyn and go to the market there on Fri/Sat. Sounds pretty much the same stuff, but a diffferent process

          2. Willis Farm products, Little Isobel, betty's buttons, and livingood's preserves are all very good. and if you haven't tried the Vrapple I highly recommend it - and I am carniverous!

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              Thanks! I was wondering about the vrapple. I think I'll add it for this month. I've had mixed results with the Livengood preserves, though the sour cherry jelly is my kids' favorite for pb&j.