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Jan 27, 2009 02:57 PM

Fry pan vs dutch oven vs saucier etc

I have been saving up for one really nice piece of cookware lately, and cant decide on whether to get an all clad saucier pan, or fry pan, or an LC dutch oven or a Staub dutch oven, or maybe a sauce pan. What would you go with for one piece of cookware a fry pan/dutch oven/sauceir/sauce pan? Other than a cast iron skillet I dont have any "good" cookware so it would be the most used piece, and start of my collection. I have about $150 to spend on this as well

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  1. Well wilmot,

    When building my first set of good quality cookware, I too was limited to getting one piece at a time.

    When contemplating whether the next piece should be a fry pan, dutch oven, saucière, or sauce pan the thing to ask yourself, is what will get the most use in your kitchen?

    Your skillet can fill as a frying pan for a while.

    Anything you can do in a straight side sauce pan you can do in a saucière, and dishes like risotto. Which are easy in a saucière but more difficult in a straight sided sauce pan.

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    1. re: Demented

      Something else to consider. A chef's pan AKA multi-purpose pan. I acquired one recently and I love the damned thing. It is a saucier, wok, sauce pan....just about everything except a skillet. Get one with a lid.
      Made a pineapple upside-down cake in it too.

      1. re: billieboy

        Second that. This one ( ) was one of my first pieces of "good" cookware (and it's a dirt-cheap price, compared to what similar pans in the same product line cost). It's been my go-to pan since.

    2. My first thought was same as Demented: get what you will use most. But then I thought "Where would $150 really make a difference?". I use various skillets more than anything else, but if I had $150 to blow and didn't already have too many pots and pans, I'd buy a copper saucier (assuming you will actually use it more than 2 or 3 times a year, and assuming you can actually find one for $150). I've had a variety of stainless steel skillets and sauce pans, and functionally never noticed much difference (except for a really cheap one that one of the handles fell off of). So if you don't really need an alternative to your cast iron skillet, get a nice dutch oven or saucier.

      1. You already have a frying pan )the skillet). Unless
        you frequently cook large recipes calling for a
        dutch oven, your best bet would be a sauce pan or
        saucier, take your choice. They are both sauce pans.