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Jan 27, 2009 02:46 PM

Coming to Jazz Fest

I am coming to Jazz Fest (1st weekend). I am bringing my 17 y/o daughter for her birthday. I have reservations at Brigstens for the night before the Fest but wanted to know any other recommendations that will be authentic and fun for a teenager (one with good and adventerous taste). Will we be too full from food at Jazz Fest to make any other reservations? We are staying near the Convention Center, but are willing to cab or walk it. Have heard alot about Acme. Is it worth it?

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  1. As you seem to appreciate, Jazz Fest is as much about the food as about the music, and you can certainly eat your fill there and be done for the day. But if you're coming from out of town (like me), it's nice to have a couple of restaurant experiences, too.

    For me personally, Jazz Fest food accounts for lunch and a late afternoon, uh, snack, but I'll often finish my day with dinner at 930 or 10 pm. (Then again, I also eat more than I should.)

    At the very least, having dinner at Brigtsen's the night before seems like a great plan; if you want to try a second restaurant, just take it easy at the Fest that afternoon and you'll be fine. If you don't mind waiting for a table, you might be better off playing it by ear than making reservations you may not need or want. (And Acme doesn't take reservations, anyway.)

    Have fun -- I'll see you there!

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      Ditto on ALL Marks advice....New Orleans is a 24 hour town and customarily serves dinner well into the evening......i would have to say Jacque-Imo's would be a blast for an adventurous teen....check it out but make a rez if you wanna go.....Acme is good but i wouldnt say its a must.....Cochon is getting a TON of attention right now....Emerils is good and fun and you just dont get anymore traditional than brunch @ commander's.......cheers

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        fyi, Jacques-Imo's takes reservations for 5 or more.

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          Thanks all for the advice. We are really looking forward to coming.

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          We will also be heading down for first weekend for our 6th or 7th Fest. We traditionally have a nice dinner on Thursday before fest and then do the majority of our dining at the Festival. The food is truly a highlight of the experience along with music and you will regret it if you do not take advantage of it and the top quality of the choices. We all have favorites there and there are probably some threads along those lines already available. After a day of music and eating, the best we can usually handle is a late night snack somewhere close to where we are staying. We have tried to hit restaurants the night after attending Fest but it seems that our hearts (and stomaches) are not really into it. Acme is a great choice for a later snack/dinner because it is casual and you can eat smaller portions if necessary. But be prepared for lines at most times.

        3. you could belly up to the oyster bar at Grand Isle, closer to your hotel.

          1. Rambla might be a fun place for a teenager... It is tapas in a fun, casual atmosphere. The perfect later evening snack after Jazz Fest. A 5 minute cab ride from the convention center. Also recommended was Cochon. Once again, a casual spot that would be great after an evening at the fest.