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Jan 27, 2009 02:30 PM

Any restaurant suggestions for Apalachicola Florida?

I am in Apalachicola, Fla. until Sunday and am looking for recent diner recommendations. I had fried oysters at Boss Oyster last week. They were very salty and didn't seem that great. Any places I can't afford to miss? Thanks for any info.

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  1. Unfortunately, arguably the best restaurant in all of North Florida, Avenue Sea, closed last month. That said, Apalachicola is a little jewel-box of a town with wonderful places to eat, especially for its size. These are our favorites:

    That Place on 98 - just across the bridge in Eastpoint. Excellent casual seafood. Far FAR superior to Boss Oyster. [Note: this place might be closed for the winter, but they have a "branch" location in Apalachicola itself called "That Place in Apalach" that might be just as good.

    Tamara's Cafe Floridita - great little cafe with excellent food combining Florida and Latin American elements -

    Owl Cafe - excellent everyday place with yummy food no matter the meal -

    Chef Eddie's Magnolia Grill - now that Avenue Sea is closed, the best place in Apalachicola to splurge. The escargot, dolphin pontchartrain, and desserts are all clutch -

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      Thank you mikeh. Have you been to Papa Joe's? I feel like I should be eating oysters while here!! How about Verandas? Thanks again for your suggestions.

    2. We were there at Thanksgiving and had good food at the Apalachicola Seafood Grill. Nothing fancy, just good fresh seafood. Though their potato salad was awesome. We also had lunch at El Jalisco. Good fresh authentic Mexican. Very good salsa. When we are up there we usually have a house on CSB and do most of our own cooking. Last time we bought a bag of oysters from Buddy Ward and I will always do that from now on. We had oysters everyday and a bag is only 25.00