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Jan 27, 2009 02:21 PM

best burrito i ever had - in santa barbara of all places

coming back home to LA from SF, we got lost in SB and i saw a burrito place with walk up window and wanted one.
turned out to be this place:
called Romanti-Ezer apparently. (is that correct or name of old place that was there?


Thing is - I want to recreate what i ate and i need a local to help me, cuz the one i ordered was written on a markerboard and it's not listed on the menu from that website above.

The thing that really made this thing amazing was plantains inside the burrito. And beans wonderfully cooked. But the sweetness of the plantains finally made sense, and bounced off the pico de gallo and hot sauce tartness. (plantains for me are always a kind of 'whatever' on the side of a dish - but without them this burrito would have just been so-so.)

Can someone please tell me what else they put in the 'special' burritos? - I dont get up there that often.

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  1. im astonished that no one has eaten here. i'm also astonished that no one knows anywhere else that puts plantains in burritos

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      Searched the board's archives back eight years, not a mention. You appear to be the first hound on this one.

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        This place is located on Chapala st- behind Paseo Nuevo mall- on the south end. It is the "go to" place for all the folks who want food after drinking.

        If you go to there are some more reviews that state how delicious the plantain burritos are.

        I have never visited this place- thanks for tip- will be forgoing my usual El Bajio run next time I get over the hill- which is this week I hope!

    2. I went there recently and found it competent but not exciting. The best dish I had was tacos (nice puffy, soft tortillas) with carnitas. The cheese quesadilla was merely OK, and a burrito (no plantains in sight) was ordinary. If I missed something delicious or exciting, please post, because SB needs mo' better Mexican food.

      BTW, that outside door to the bathroom (off the patio) seems to entice many street people, despite the "CUSTOMERS ONLY" sign. I made the mistake of grabbing an adjacent table.

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        i didn't eat anything there except the burrito with plantains so cant comment at all on anything else. i did go on a weekend, and they had a whiteboard posted with names of 'special' burritos - at least 6 others that arent on the printed menus. i dont remember the name of the one i got, just that i switched up the meat they had in it (chicken) for carnitas and that it had plantains. so freaking good.

        what i'd recommend (and it's waht i'll do if when i go back they dont have these special burritos listed) is just ask to add plantains to whatever burrito you order. it might be that simple to eat genius

      2. This place is really pretty good. Its a bit less "traditional" than the places on milpas, but if you keep that in mind there are some real gems. First, since the old salvadoran place on de la vina closed it is the only place in town to get papusas, and they arent half bad (the curtido is just ok, but its not the main attraction). Second, they make their own tortillas, which is nice (though i prefer the tacos down the street at lily's, even with their mass-produced tortillas).

        As for the platano burrito, i think they may just be a weekend special, and i have not had one (at Romanti-ezer) to confirm their deliciousness. I do know that there are several spots in san francisco (though strangely- or perhaps appropriately - not in the mission) that are known for their plantain-containing burritowork.

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          Don't over look SuperCuca's on West Micheltorena near San Andres in the heart of the Westside business district. Great burritos - always the local award winners and love their carne asada SuperNachos with a large horchata. Sorry, no plantians but it remains the best in town. A happy, local place in the heart of a tidy Hispanic neighborhood with the best locally owned hardware store in town.

          1. re: glbtrtr

            I agree with Super Cucas. I used to live right there on Arrellaga St and would walk across the bridge to get some food. Monster burritos were great as well as their nachos. My favorite and a little out of the ordinary were the shrimp nachos. Absolutely fantastic!