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Jan 27, 2009 02:10 PM

Best all you can eat sushi NYC???

My favorite all you can eat sushi restaurant in NYC - Kinoko is dead. Thoughts?

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  1. This place beats Kinoko. My friend introduced me to K - once she tried Ashiya she drives down to the EV from Riverdale rather than go back there.

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    1. re: cidonie

      thanks so much for the suggestion. I will try it!!!

    2. Hands-down it's Funayama on Greenwich Ave (Mon & Thur only)--IF they brought it back. The AYCE nights were canceled in January,haven't been by yet in Feb. Order by the piece on a card (no buffet table). The largest AND tastiest eel I've had, and the scallop sushi is delicious. Plus you can order any of several rolls as regular, inside-out, or handroll.

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        I would only recommend Funayama if you like rice-- yes, the fish pieces are big but only to hide that they put a TON of rice-- I got full after a few pieces-- not worth it for AYCE

        1. re: denatravels

          Respectfully disagree. The pieces are large--both rice and fish--but the proportion is correct. How do you 'hide' a lot of rice with a big piece of fish and call that bad??? Their regular rolls are just OK IMO, but their handrolls are great. And did I mention the tasty scallops, or the huge and tasty eel (as well as a great eel-avocado handroll)?

      2. Yuka on 81st and 2nd has become my regular AYCE sushi joint since Kinoko's demise. Quick service, nice portions (they don't try to fill you up with rice), although they have this strange policy of making it very clear to diners not to tip b/c gratuity is included in the bill. But usually, service is good, and I feel like tipping on top of their standard I think it's like 12 or 14%. I don't understand this practice.