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Jan 27, 2009 02:00 PM

Demonstration cooking "class" at home? (Seattle)

I'd like to hire a chef to come to my home to prepare dinner for a birthday party celebration. It doesn't have to be a cooking class per se but it would be fun if the chef demonstrated a little and talked about the preparation, ingredients, etc. as he cooks our meal. Mostly I'm looking for a great cook that will prepare a meal at my house and help serve it to my guests. Any recommendations in Seattle?

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  1. How much are you looking to spend; how many guests will you have; what type of kitchen/serving area do you have? These are a few of the questions that will be asked to help determine whether you should have a working chef come to your home or if a capable culinary student would suffice. It also depends on what you'd like out of it. A chef will be able to talk about techniques and ingredients, but a cook might have to focus on the preparations more than the "show".

    1. My friend did this for her birthday through Culinary Communion (.com). A chef/teacher came to her house and had a class. We all participated and then ate dinner together. it was a lot of fun and it was designed for her food interests, number of guests, etc. She has the right kitchen set up, too. I am sure you could make it as interactive as you would like. Highly recommended.

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      1. I would have to say avoid using a "culinary student" at all costs as they will typically bite off more than they can chew and get out on a limb with food they may not be familiar culinary students used to instructing while cooking etc???You COULD try a catering company but i think they will tend to be overly generic.....if you check my profile you can use the email address if you'd like some more information

        1. How about the chef who owns In Celebration, Vida. She's also a course instructor at PCC. I think someone like her is just what you're looking for!

          1. I know Jeremy Faber of 'Foraged and Found Edibles' is a trained chef and has been known to offer his culinary services when he's not out in the woods hunting. The only way to contact him that I know of is to visit his booth at either the U District or Ballard Farmers Markets.