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local siverlake

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anyone been here? what do you think?

worth a visit? and is it vegetarian or just organic, sustainalbe, green, etc, etc, etc.


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  1. I've only been for lunch, but they do breakfast and dinner too. It's not just vegetarian, although I had the quinoa burger which was vegetarian -- it was a bit starchy. It's sustainable and all that -- they don't have a hamburger because the owner can't find natural beef he likes, so instead there's a pork burger and turkey burger. For dinner they have entrees like braised lamb and striped bass for around $14.

    1. It's better than when it first opened. The food is good, although expensive. The layout is still off-putting to me. I don't get the salad bar and it's sort of half service at the tables. Condiments on a rack? Why isn't there indoor seating?

      1. When you can pay $16 at the Hungry Cat for a pug burger and fries, or $14 at Blairs for the same, or even less virtually anywhere else, why would you pay $14 for a mediocre turkey burger with no fries or sides of any kind, no table service, and no ambiance? I've been asking myself that ever since I did exactly that. Won't make the same mistake twice though.

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          so what are the going for, they are neither full-service nor fast-food/ is this supposed to be the future of silverlake?

          and the tempeh sloppy joe got me kind of interested, weirdly, it sounds like more of a vegan place.

        2. LOCAL -- Silver Lake


          $$ 4 what u get

          1. I live nearby and I liked it the couple of times I've gone. The sloppy joe is pretty good - the prices are more reasonable for dinner than lunch. Plus it is BYOB.

            1. I LOVE local. I live on the west side and I go there all the time. The breakfasts are great, very relaxed and delicious. Lunches are good too, but make sure they're serving lunch before you go there. And dinners are delicious.. i've had the mushroom tart, sloppy joe, mac and cheese (very good), goat cheese croquettes, butternut squash soup, and many other things. it's all delicious! i definitely recommend you go there.