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Jan 27, 2009 02:00 PM

local siverlake

anyone been here? what do you think?

worth a visit? and is it vegetarian or just organic, sustainalbe, green, etc, etc, etc.


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  1. I've only been for lunch, but they do breakfast and dinner too. It's not just vegetarian, although I had the quinoa burger which was vegetarian -- it was a bit starchy. It's sustainable and all that -- they don't have a hamburger because the owner can't find natural beef he likes, so instead there's a pork burger and turkey burger. For dinner they have entrees like braised lamb and striped bass for around $14.

    1. It's better than when it first opened. The food is good, although expensive. The layout is still off-putting to me. I don't get the salad bar and it's sort of half service at the tables. Condiments on a rack? Why isn't there indoor seating?

      1. When you can pay $16 at the Hungry Cat for a pug burger and fries, or $14 at Blairs for the same, or even less virtually anywhere else, why would you pay $14 for a mediocre turkey burger with no fries or sides of any kind, no table service, and no ambiance? I've been asking myself that ever since I did exactly that. Won't make the same mistake twice though.

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          so what are the going for, they are neither full-service nor fast-food/ is this supposed to be the future of silverlake?

          and the tempeh sloppy joe got me kind of interested, weirdly, it sounds like more of a vegan place.

        2. LOCAL -- Silver Lake


          $$ 4 what u get

          1. I live nearby and I liked it the couple of times I've gone. The sloppy joe is pretty good - the prices are more reasonable for dinner than lunch. Plus it is BYOB.