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Jan 27, 2009 01:54 PM

Buffalo Wings--Nassau County

I need recs on the best buffalo wings in Nassau County (takeout). It would be great if the place also had good pizza, but not essential. Thanks.

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  1. yeah i've been wondering that for a while. Who has the absolute best buffalo wings, and its not Croxleys. I don't care if its take out or not. I went to college in Plattsburgh, yeah i know its not buffalo, but bad wings there were twice as good as any BUFFALO wings i've had in nassau. I capitalize BUFFALO because the wings at Swingbelly's are amazing, but they aren't buffalo style. I think maybe the best i've had in Long Island are at a bar in Huntington(suffolk obviously) called Christophers. I only had them once there so i can't vouch for consistency. I have to get back there, its prob been 18 months since i've had them there.

    1. I have tried a lot of wings-my favorite is Barefoot peddler on Glen Cove Rd. in Greenvale-crisp and just the right amount of spice-no pizza but a little farther north on the opposite side of the street is Abetza Pizza-great fresh pizza

      1. Runyons in East Meadow has very good wings - they are about twice the size of what you normally find in bars - very meaty. I always ask for them to be cooked well done for extra crispiness.

        1. I like them at J Paul's Terrace Cafe on Merrick Rd, Oceanside.

          1. We live in Florida now and my husband craves the wings from Churchill's in RVC.