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Buffalo Wings--Nassau County

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I need recs on the best buffalo wings in Nassau County (takeout). It would be great if the place also had good pizza, but not essential. Thanks.

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  1. yeah i've been wondering that for a while. Who has the absolute best buffalo wings, and its not Croxleys. I don't care if its take out or not. I went to college in Plattsburgh, yeah i know its not buffalo, but bad wings there were twice as good as any BUFFALO wings i've had in nassau. I capitalize BUFFALO because the wings at Swingbelly's are amazing, but they aren't buffalo style. I think maybe the best i've had in Long Island are at a bar in Huntington(suffolk obviously) called Christophers. I only had them once there so i can't vouch for consistency. I have to get back there, its prob been 18 months since i've had them there.

    1. I have tried a lot of wings-my favorite is Barefoot peddler on Glen Cove Rd. in Greenvale-crisp and just the right amount of spice-no pizza but a little farther north on the opposite side of the street is Abetza Pizza-great fresh pizza

      1. Runyons in East Meadow has very good wings - they are about twice the size of what you normally find in bars - very meaty. I always ask for them to be cooked well done for extra crispiness.

        1. I like them at J Paul's Terrace Cafe on Merrick Rd, Oceanside.

          1. We live in Florida now and my husband craves the wings from Churchill's in RVC.

            1. Croxley Ales has some of the best wings I've had outside of B'flo (lived there 4 years). They're great at both the Franklin Square and Rockville Centre locations, and although I haven't had them yet at the new Farmingdale location, the food that I've tried there has been on par with the other Croxleys.

              The other place I like 'em at is the Back Page Ale House in Massapequa.

              1. Swingbelly's BBQ in Long Beach kills the competition. They are huge and full of delicous chicken meat. They smoke em then they fry em. Hands down best.