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Jan 27, 2009 01:34 PM

Smoke Joint - any recs?

I'm heading to Smoke Joint this weekend. I've read mostly negative reviews here, but I'm not picking the place, just going along, but also somewhat hopeful that there may be some positives. Anything I should go for (or, alternately, anything I should make sure to avoid)?

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  1. I've been just once, a couple of months ago. Had the beef short ribs. First taste was wonderful. But I soon came to realize that there was only about one third the amount of edible meat that I had first thought---after the good meat fell off the bone, mucho fat remained. Left me rather unsatisfied.
    Side of fries (slightly spiced) was delicious. My friend enjoyed her hacked beef a lot.
    With more careful ordering, I'd like the place a lot.

    1. wish I could recommend something but whatever you do, don't get the chicken. dry. for a nearby alternative, I like Ruthie's (I know you might not have a choice, but . . . maybe).

      1. I'm with bigjeff in my experience: DRY. That said, friends in the neighborhood have been encouraging me to give them another try (but they also know someone there).

        My suggestion: Be really forthright and just ask what's the best right at that moment. Mac n cheese was boring, but I recall really liking the vinegary greens.

        Or dine in the bourbon bar next door. I bet the bar staff will steer you in the right (best?) direction.