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Jan 27, 2009 01:01 PM

Mediterranean Taverna in Croton

I passed this the other day--it's in the location that used to be Rocking Horse (or something like that), just south of the Montrose Exit off 9A. Anyone try it or hear anything about it? Great Greek in Croton would be, well, great!

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  1. Haven't tried it - saw a coupon in the Clipper Magazine for it and thought "Where on earth is that!?" - Just did a Greek meal at home this past weekend, so probably not going there anytime soon, but will definitely follow up!

    1. Went today for lunch. Soothing Decor, friendly service, food was good, good greek salad, soup, and gyros. Great Baclava, served warm.Not amazing but it has a lot of potential.

      1. Thanks for the link! I am definitely going to try this in the next few weeks.

        1. We tried this place last night - of course we forgot our Clipper coupon...

          Pleasant enough decor, although the paper tablecloth topper with the map of Greece slides around a bit on top of the real tablecloth. No host/ess when we arrived, so we hung up our coats and waited a minute or two. Energetic young waitress arrives and seats us in a nice booth. Place is about 1/2 full at 7pm. We were not hugely hungry, so so ordered the following: stuff graped leaves (6 of them, with nice garnish that makes up a salad of tomatoes and cukes, but they were stone cold so not so pleasnant to eat a first); saganaki (waitress said the flames almost always go out by the time they get to the table - well, then don't light it in the kitchen and walk 20 yards...) it was a generous slice of cheese, oddly topped by a slice of tomato. Served wtih no lemon slices, which I remember as being critcal element; a bowl of lemon chicken soup - generous serving, nice consistency, good lemon, but too salty (I'm cutting back on salt, but I don't think the saltiness came from hyper-sensitive salt tongue); pastisio (overcooked pasta and underseasoned - lacked that exotic taste of cinnamon or whatever it is that usually is in there). Two beers, wonderfully cold. Complimentary pita was very nice - hot, a little charred in a good way - meant to ask if they make it there. Tzatzki dipping sauce tasty, but again a little salty for me. Were too full to have dessert, and took home half the soup, half the grape leaves and a piece of saganaki cheese. So, two meals in total. Hubby paid bill but I think it was no more than $50?

          I'll try it again, try some of other Greek specialities. Plenty of plain old pasta, burgers, etc. available, too. I hope they succeed, but I will mention the salt problem to them next time. They gave us a coupon for our return visit on the way out.

          1. My wife and I just had an excellent time there! They had a big party in the main dining room and we asked for a quieter spot, which they supplied readily and cheerfully. The hosting and waiting staff people were very pleasant, and the food was wonderful. Although the pricing is entirely reasonable, this is not your usual gyro house: everything was better than average, and the special exohikon was by far the best dish that I have ever had in a Greek restaurant! I hope they put it on their permanent menu. Even the house salad and the side order of spinach were exceptionally good.

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              Glad it was a good experience... what on earth is exohikon, BTW? We have another coupon for this place, so will try it again.