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Jan 27, 2009 12:25 PM

Please post your favorite chili recipe

I'm hosting a small, informal get together and would love to make a big ol' pot of delicious chili, along with some cornbread of course! Problem is, I've never really made the kind of chili I'm imagining - with big hunks of beef, beans and tomatoes. Any fool proof recipes?

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  1. I started with this one, loved it but made some revisions:

    I omitted the bourbon the second time, didn't like that in it. Added more beer and also used some bacon and chunks of beef (I like it chunky too), I added beans because I enjoy beans in my chili. Also worstershire sauce and liq smoke. And the chocolate is important, don't omit it.

    It really was fantastic - have fun and good luck.

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      I use beer, and tequila and lime juice too. Bourbon sounds like a bit much. My favorite meat to use is brisket, I pressure cook it first so it shreds up nice. If I bother to put beans, I use black. Cinnamon is a good addition, also horseradish.


      I really like this recipe - it is just slightly sweet from the raisins and the almonds give it a great texture...i omit the olives and use a red bean.

      1. This is not what you're imagining, but more of a purist's chili (i.e. no tomatoes, no beans, but you could add them if you like). The key is you select the types of dried chili(s) and de-seed and grind them in a blender instead of buying some pre-formulated powder.

        3 lbs coarse ground or chopped beef (chuck is good. avoid lean cuts such as round)
        1 large onion, diced
        3 or more cloves garlic
        8-10 tbsp ground chili (anaheim, new mexico, whatever)
        2 tsp ground cumin
        2 cups water
        salt to taste

        Put the meat and onions in a dutch oven or large pot with some lard or oil. Brown the meat. Add the garlic a minute or two before you're ready to add the water.

        Add water and simmer for 2-3 hours. Thicken with 1-2 tsp masa harina or a handfull of crushed taco chips (optional).

        Taste while cooking and adjust the spices and amount of water if you like. Foolproof. If you want tomato flavor, substitute canned whole or crushed tomatoes (not paste or sauce) in place all or part of the water. But if you want beans serve them on the side just in case you happen to invite me.

        1. Didn't we just see a 'best chili' thread?

          And a Hard Times chili thread?

          Competition Texas chili often uses small diced meat, a choice blend of chile pepper and spices (like cumin and Mexican oregano). No tomato, and beans are on the side. On the other hand, recipes that include the beans, and tomato most often use ground meat, or a coarse chili grind. Then there are recipes that include everything but the proverbial kitchen sink (bell peppers, 3 kinds of beans, cinnamon, chocolate, corn, etc).

          But there's no rule you can't mix and match recipes to your liking. If you want big chunks of meat, consider starting with a beef stew recipe. The use of onions, garlic, and browning the meat will be the same. Then add your secret blend of chile powder, and tomatoes. I'd add beans, to taste, toward the end of cooking.

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            Was there a "best chili" thread? I tried my hand at searching, but couldn't find anything.

            Thanks for all the recipes so far!

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                oh lord, how search impaired am I? thanks paulj!