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Leaving NYC Dinner celebration...where to go??

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Hello Chowhounds,

I am moving out of the country and therefore leaving NYC indefinitely. I can't seem to decide where to go for my farewell dinner. Intuitively, I think that I'd like to go somewhere I've been before, but due to a couple of constraints I'm drawing a blank on suitable favorite restaurants. Therefore, I'm open to any suggestions anyone has on a fun place to go to dinner with 6-8 close friends, probably next Monday or Tuesday (I'm flying out on Wednesday).

Here are a few thoughts/criteria:

- Should be fairly inexpensive (< $20 per entree, or family style might be a good option)
- Would prefer not to do something in Chinatown, as I just had a group dinner there last night with many of the same people for Chinese New Year
- Would prefer a downtown location
- A couple places that have come to mind are Frank (mostly because it's casual and seems quintessentially New York) and Ippudo (mostly because it's big and casual, and not too expensive).

Does anyone have any ideas? I feel like this should be super easy, but I'm not coming up with much...


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  1. One of the Blue Ribbons? Gosh, I love that place (mostly the bakery).

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      Get one of the big round booths at Stanton Social Club.

    2. Frank is always crowded and will probably have a long wait. Since you like Ippudo, why not go there?