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Jan 27, 2009 12:00 PM

Tell me about Savenor's

I see them recommended her often for exotic cuts of meat, do they carry anything other than meat? I was thinking of checking it out soon and want to plan my grocery list accordingly!

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  1. They also carry some "gourmet" food items, a small selection of fruits and vegetables (however though they sometimes have things not found in grocery stores-pick carefully-I have found MANY rotten pieces of fruit), Herrels ice cream, a fair selection of cheeses, some delicious ready made soups, breads from various local bakeries and my favorite hummus ever- Sambra I believe is its name...

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      Sabra? They have that in every supermarket now.

      1. re: Luther

        Nope-not that one...I can never remember the name- I just know it when I see it- large red container...

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          The brand they carry is Sabra. I also enjoy the sandwiches which they have which are my favorite sandwiches ever. They use bread and fillings in such a unique way as to make me very happy up here.

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        It's my go-to place for Patriots' tailgating items.

        One of the often-overlooked beauties of Savenor's is that they have a small but great fish selection. When they have them, the best scallops I've found, and sea bass that's unbelievable.

        Also, they're great at getting you what you want. If they don't have that day, they will in a day or two. Just call.

      3. I went in a few weeks ago to buy some fresh foie gras for New Year's Eve and couldn't resist picking up a tub of goose fat while I was there. You can never have too much goose fat!

        1. Seems overpriced for anything BUT meats and meat products i.e., duck fat. Fruits and veg you can get better quality and price at Russo's, Pasta and Sauces your paying for fancy packaging not so much for better flavor

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            I live near the Cambridge Savenors and see Russo's delivering, so I suspect it's the same quality if you get there on delivery days.

            They have great meats and fish, and tons of pretty, expensive specialty ingredients which I just browse and rarely buy. Nice bread.

            If you're there, stop in next door at the Kirkland Convencience (I think that's what it's called now), too, which has a surprising variety of organic and ethnic foods.

          2. I pretty much just stick to the butcher there. However, do make sure you pick up a package of Tate's cookies, they are like crack. I like the chocolate chip.

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              I agree! Tate's cookies are the best. I bought them at savenors in Cambridge. You can never eat just one or three for that matter.

            2. I recently attended a whole lamb butchering demo there. It was fantastic. We drank wine (out of tiny, styrofoam cups) and sampled cuts of the lamb as we learned how much you have to cut away to make one good rack. Informative. Delicious.