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Jan 27, 2009 11:49 AM

glatt kosher meat brunch wedding suggestions?

Hi all, I'm looking to have a meat champagne brunch as my wedding reception of about 150. Have any of you heard of any caterers that do this kind of gig or restaurants that can accommodate this many people?

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  1. Northern Hemisphere? Southern Hemisphere? Asia? Antarctica?

      1. C'mon people, give Stefanle a break. with all the details that are to handle, location might have slipped his/her mind :) ... kidding :) Stef; just fill in the missing gap and we will jump in to help ;)

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          To me, it's weirder that he/she wants a fleishig brunch.

        2. Eek this engagement thing is messing up my brain. I'm in New York -- looking for anywhere on Long Island or in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan. Thanks for being patient with me.

          Yeah, I know a fleishig brunch is bizarre (but I and my fiance are a bit bizarre too).

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            Lavanna's on UWS is the place for you. They will gladly rent out the place to you on Sunday morning. They are very cooperative. We considered them for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah but wanted milchigs and the pareve french toast concept didn't appeal. Levana Resturaunt 141 W. 69th st 212 877-8457

            Alternatively, you can use Supersol of the West Side as caterer and have the affair wherever, such as the ballroom of Lincoln Square Synagogue. Talk to Zach Schenker at Supersol supersolnyc (at )

            , New York, NY 10023

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              For that number of people, Les Marais will give you the whole second floor. (I think it will fit 150). Prestige Caterers is a great company and will do it just about anywhere in NY. We had Les Marais for my son's law school grad. and Prestige for his wedding's ofruf

            2. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll give Levana and Le Marais a call today.