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Jan 27, 2009 11:17 AM

Chapel Hill: Pazzo for the first time

I recently tried Pazzo in Southern Village. I won't waste words on the experience. The meal was thoroughly mediocre. I had veal meatballs and bucatini in a marsala cream sauce. It turned out to be your standard alfredo-style pasta dish, the kind of thing you might wind up with in an Italian-themed chain restaurant. I joylessly picked at it. My wife had the lamb shank, which was dry and tasteless. Others at the table ordered a pizza. Even by debased Chapel Hill standards, the thing was like cardboard. The service was friendly and efficient enough, though others at the table reported service horror stories from past visits. Pazzo is comparable in terms of price and menu to Panzanella. The obvious thing to do is eat there instead.

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  1. I've often wondered about this place, but nothing really made me think it was worth trying. Glad to hear that I have been smart in not wasting my time or money. Just FYI, there is as new chef at Panzanella, one of my favorite places. I'm not sold on this new chef yet, but will still give it a few more tries because I have always loved the place. But the chopped salad last time was pretty bad (and it was SO good before) and they've taken the 4 cheese pizza off the menu. Oh, and the calamari have been fairly limp, although I do like the salsa verde they're serving with it.

    1. Well, I love Pazzo and have never had a bad meal there. I guess I've eaten there about 30 times and have eaten all over their menu. I think the pizza is the best in town.

      I also like Panzanella - but think Pazzo is slightly better.

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        We will have to agree to disagree, amicably of course. I am really surprised by your enthusiasm for the pizza. It seems to me indistinguishable from the kind of undistinguished pizza served all over town: Franklin Street Pizza, I Love NY Pizza, and so forth. All of these pizzas have precisely the same deficiency: a crust that lacks the complex crumb of good bread. The only pizzeria in town that takes the crust seriously is Panzanella, but its pies are significantly more expensive than the average.