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Jan 27, 2009 11:03 AM

Lop chong/Lap cheong in DC & NoVa?

I've been craving this sweet (southern) Chinese sausage as the winter days go on. I've only seen it at the local Chinese butcher shop when I was in Hawai'i. My family always brings a bunch back with us to the mainland, but I want to eat some NOW.

Are there any places in the DC/Northern Virginia area that sell this?
(Sorry, Maryland is off-limits for me) I've checked at all my local Asian marts, but they're all too Korean to carry this Chinese sausage.

I'd be forever grateful!

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  1. I love this too. I found some in the freezer section at Grand Mart on little river turnpike (by the 395 exit)

    1. This is typical Chinese sausage that can be found in the refrigerated meats section of any Chinese grocery. Great Wall has them in many varieties. If you're ever up in NYC, there are Chinese butchers in all the Chinatowns that sells their own sausages. My favorite ones are the darker liver sausages.

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        Yes, but Chinese groceries are limited in Northern Virginia and DC (compared to Korean groceries, which are in abundance), hence this thread.

        I wanted to know if anyone had seen this at a grocery nearby, not just a list of places that 'might' have it. (All of these places are not that close to me, and I would like to avoid a hike).

        I will try Great Wall, it's in Falls Church, right?

        1. re: discojing

          I didn't say GW "might have" the item, I know they have it as I've seen it on the shelves. GW is in Merrifield on Gallows Road, between Rt 29 and 50.

          1. re: dpan

            Great Wall is the largest Chinese grocery store in this area. It's a chain that has stores in Flushing, Boston, etc.

            It's in the strip mall next to Gold's Gym and nearby Unique (thrift store) and Five Guys. It's a short hike from the Dunn Loring Metro.

            They have a butcher shop, but nothing like you would find in NYC. Namely, you won't find brined ducks (lop op), brined pork belly (lop yuek), or lop cheung hanging off hooks.

            You will find these vacuum sealed in the meat section.

            Also, you won't find a variety of other kinds of meats like goose intestines.

            They have a nice seafood section...much bigger than any korean market that I've been to in this area. Also, they sell chinese fruits/veggies and chinese canned goods. Many things you won't find at korean markets.

            They have a hot foot eatery place all with BBQ meats hanging for purchase. Similar to Kam San and Maxim in Rockville.

            I would avoid Great Wall on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Too many people, and inefficient checkout/bagging process.