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Pico/Robertson area suggestions?

We're going to see a show at The Joint and I'm looking for somewhere to have dinner nearby.
Price isn't necessarily an issue, just not familiar with the neighborhood.

Any suggestions?

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  1. some places that are really close:

    Salt Kitchen
    Cafe Bella Roma
    Le Petit Jardin
    India Sweet House
    Naraya Thai
    Tuk Tuk Thai
    Cafe Flore

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      Where/what is Salt Kitchen? I did a search on CH and got zilch!

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          Maybe this is it?


          Salt Kitchen Catering
          1417 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

          1. re: Servorg

            that's it - i posted the info after CEfromLA asked, but for some reason it didn't show up...?

            anyway, i forgot they're only open for breakfast & lunch, so it's not an option for this particular request!

        2. I've tried a few of the suggestions below goodhealthgourmet mentions:

          Naraya is a lovely, upscale but understated restaurant just north of Pico on Robertson serving excellent Thai fusion food. That particular site seems doomed as far as restaurant success goes, but Naraya is surviving so far. It's also within walking distance of the Joint.

          Cafe Bella Roma is on Robertson a bit south of Pico. It has the air of a family run place, food is good and service is friendly. They do make some of their own pastas which is a nice touch.

          Le Petite Jardin is sort of a unique restaurant -- it's housed in a flower shop and it has been around for a long time. It's sort of up the street and across from Cafe Bella Roma. Their food is good, but I think somewhat overpriced for the quality; you get the French/continental standards: nice salads, roast chicken, various types of steak, some pastas.

          All these places serve wine and beer.

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            Caveat Emptor: what you say re. Naraya applies to previous ownership.
            Changed hands about a year+ ago.
            Present reincarnation ( same name ) a total waste.

            Bella Roma SPQR IS a family run place.

            Only Naraya has a liquor license. But BYOB is ok with the others.

          2. Minori Sushi, right behind the Joint, is quite good.

            1. Cafe Bella Roma is a good suggestion.

              On Robertson, we love Kiyokawa.

              Up on Olympic at Palm, there's Miru 8691.

              If you feel like heading up toward Bev Hills, there's Mako on S. Beverly.

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              1. re: Emme

                Hi Emme,

                I'm glad that you made it to Kiyokawa---and evidently you liked it enough to use the "L" word :)

                1. re: JeffW

                  simplicity reigns, both in food and in proximity to my place :-)

              2. my wife really likes Bloom Cafe on pico, a little east of fairfax.

                Bloom Cafe
                5544 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

                1. I live a block over from this very intersection and have a hard time finding any decent dinner places. If you want places within walking distance I can recommend
                  Talesai Thai - on Olympic and Oakhurst in strip mall on south side of the street. It's the same owners as the one on Sunset. The food is very good and as good of Thai you'll find outside of Hollywood.
                  Toppings - frozen yogurt. It's a pay per ounce model. The owners are great and they have a good rotation of flavors. Depending on whether you like traditional frozen yogurt or the Pinkberry type they offer both in a wide variety of flavors and great toppings.

                  I hear Kiyokawa is good for sushi but still haven't been. I'd pass on Minori Sushi if I were you. The prices were ok but the fish was kinda eh.

                  1. also consider Cafe Flore on Robertson just north of Olympic.

                    Cafe Flore
                    214 S Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                    1. I notice that Versailles has already been mentioned.

                      Since you're going to be in the heart of one of L.A.'s Orthodox Jewish communities, you can try "going kosher" for a night. Nearby choices would be:

                      - Pico Kosher Deli

                      - Jeff's Gourmet Sausage (I don't eat sausage so I don't get the appeal of this place though)

                      - Bibi's Warmstone Bakery (next door to Jeff's... it's more like a pizza shop, but the pizza pockets ("sambusak") are made fresh and hot, and the large sesame-seeded Jerusalem Bagels are VERY good and very authentic

                      - Milk N Honey-- All-dairy Italian restaurant... a little pricey because it's kosher, but I really like their farfalle alla salmon because they put in fresh salmon

                      - King David Grill-- on the other side of La Cienega, it's Israeli... great lentil soup

                      - Fish Grill, a mile west in the Ralphs shopping center-- amazing grilled fish and good fish tacos

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                        I think Pico Kosher Deli is out of business.

                          1. re: RicRios

                            Nope, still busy, just closed on Fridays and Saturdays like all the other businesses around there.

                      2. I've had some excellent meals at Fu's Palace, which is on Pico one block east of Robertson. I know there are some people here who recoil at the idea of eating Chinese food at all within the 310 or 323 area codes but if it isn't practical to drive a long distance, Fu's is pretty good.

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                        1. re: Hackenbush

                          i also like Fu's, especially their shrimp lunch specials. the fact that i can walk there in just a few minutes makes it all the better.

                          someone on CH mentioned Hu's Szechwan on National, you should try that place too. it's not that close to pico/robertson but if there's no traffic you can get there in 5-10 minutes.

                          1. re: ceviche

                            I live by Hu's and have never been all that thrilled with it. There is a couple of shrimp dishes that are ok but I very rarely order from there. I know alot on this board really like Hu's.

                            1. re: Tari

                              i've only been to Hu's once. i had their chicken wings appetizer which i think it probably my favorite chicken wings ever, even better than kyochon. i also tried one of their pork dishes (not the twice cooked pork) which i didn't think was that good. however, based on the strength of their chicken wings i'm definitely going to go back there (and hopefully find other things that are good).

                              are there any places for chinese that you like in the area?

                          2. re: Hackenbush

                            I agree with Fu's. The chinese delivery place that we usually ordered from changed owners and the food sucked so I tried Fu's and was quite happy with it so now its our regular chinese delivery.

                            1. re: Hackenbush

                              i'm glad to see that others here like Fu's. the owners are really nice so hopefully the positive words here translate into business for them.

                              alsp: my wife really likes their tangerine chicken and the disk that has lots of veggies and chicken in a white sauce. i don't remember the name.

                              1. re: ceviche

                                We ended up at Fu's, primarily because we got a great parking place (how sad is that?).

                                We felt like we'd entered a 1965 time warp, but I have to say, we were both really happy with the meal, and the service was great.

                                1. re: CEfromLA

                                  haha i know what you mean, the red vinyl booths and pots of jasmine tea definitely remind me of the kind of places that my parents used to take us for "comida china" both in california and in mexicali, BC when i was growing up.

                                  maybe that's why i like Fu's so much, the inside of that place seems to be stuck in the same time warp that most of the places in mexicali's chinatown occupy.

                            2. one thing to note about pico/robertson: most of the places that cater to the jewish population (Milk n'Honey, etc) close before sundown on friday and don't re-open until after sundown on saturday. depending on when your show at The Joint is, this may be something to keep in mind.

                              1. Il Buco, on Robertson just north of Wilshire. Great Italian food. Related to the Drago empire.

                                1. Depending on youre definition of "nearby", there's a great little organic cafe called Bloom on Pico, a couple of miles East. Just East of Fairfax by a few blocks.

                                  Bloom Cafe
                                  5544 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

                                  1. i just moved to this neighborhood, seems like a good time to try all those rest.