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Jan 27, 2009 10:30 AM

North New Jersey kosher outside Teaneck?

As I've previously noted, I'm a ride leader with the 5BBC (and now the NYCC too), and I'm always looking to take my groups to kosher eateries for our lunch stops.

The spring training series planning is well underway and I'm on the lookout for places a bit further afield than Teaneck's Queen Ann/W. Englewood/Cedar Lane clusters. The Shamash database lists a pizza place at the Bergen JCC but the phone # listed goes to a law office.
Which is a pity, because I need a kosher lunch stop in the Dumont/Westwood/Washington area.
Pizza is acceptable.

Further afield is good too. I'm considering taking a group to Fairlawn, any recommendations there?

Places that are 20, 30, 40 miles from the GWB are excellent destinations as we ramp up our distances (and we don't usually take a direct route).

Our club runs rides up to Rockland Lake and to Stony Point but I know of nothing up there (and the Stony point ride is 85 miles we don't have time for an extended lunch stop).

(p.s. someone earlier recommended Garden of Eatin in Brooklyn. Thanks! We did indeed go there, a small hardy group of 2 leaders and 3 riders in the single-digit temperatures that day, and it was well received)

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  1. Perfect Pita is the only real place in Fair Lawn. They are very good middle eastern fare, falafel shawarma etc. and they have a nice room to sit down. They have a website. The only other kosher place in Fair Lawn is a take out chinese. Perfect Pita is worth the trip in my opinion. Similar to Mabat in teaneck but the service is better.

    1. So Pizza does get served at the JCC of the Palisades as for your mileage requirements I don't know if Passaic has anything worthwhile, but that's within 40 miles.

      The IDT building in Newark has a kosher cafeteria that open to the public, but I doubt it is open on Sundays.

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        The best option within 20-40 miles of GWB and in NJ is probably Mosaica on the Millburn/Union border.

        1. re: DeisCane

          Poppy's Bagels in West Orange is also a good choice and open on Sundays. Jerusalem in Livingston is another option.

          1. re: njkosher

            Jerusalem in Livingston is a very good option, but you have to contend with two of the three Watchung Mountain Ranges.... I get tired just driving it.

            1. re: vallevin

              Oh, I've run a ride to West Orange Nov. 2nd. We climbed Garret Mountain via Mountain Park Rd. before lunch and Eagle Rock Rd. up and into the park after lunch. We ate at Chopstix, which is a small takeout place with a counter. Fortunately, we were a small group of five. We took the PATH home from Newark. I plan to go back when the weather is nicer, we'll get takeout and go eat lunch in the park. The extra climb before lunch will make people hungrier. Alas, there's no park of any kind -- not even a little vest-pocket -- anywhere close to the intersection of Pleasant Valley Way and Eagle Rock Rd.

              Fall colors were at peak levels on that ride, it was pretty but it got dark early.
              Pictures are on my blog

            2. re: njkosher

              Livingston is an interesting option. Not just Jerusalem Pizza but this ShopRite kosher village. The satellite map reveals nearby green space, these reservoirs Butler Pond / Taylor Lake....possible picnic spot in there a short ride from ShopRite?

              1. re: koshercyclist

                I missed the cycling details! Mosaica is probably not a good option!

                As for Livingston, I don't think Butler or Taylor are readily accessible. However, South Mountain Reservation is just about 3 miles east of ShopRite Livingston and it has beautiful picnic areas. Also, if you're ok with meat that doesn't have a full-time mashgiach but does have an orthodox hashgacha (ie basically what's referred to as non-glatt), there's Zayda's in South Orange, just about a mile and a half from South Mountain Reservation. It is a kosher market with great, huge and cheap (6.99 and 7.99) sandwiches.
                The JCC in West Orange has a milchig cafe.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  Thanks for the suggestion of South Mountain Reservation.

                  As for the meat, I personally hold by glatt. The groups are always mixed: some non-Jews, some non-observant Jews and 1 or 2 who are strictly kosher. That's just the regular crew who turn out for these; then there's my shul's main Rabbi (who really probably has no time for a half-day's adventure), the assistant Rabbi who's just getting into cycling and I've heard of a chazzan at a neighbohood shul who is into cycling. The irregular crew includes a cheder Rebbe from Queens. At any one time, I've got maybe 1 other frum person on the ride the rest are eirev rav at best ...but nice friendly people.

          2. re: vallevin

            Thanks, I'm aware of the JCC Palisades but that's like 5 miles from the GWB, if that.
            Mind you its a great spot for a lunch stop for an early-season ride or a summer easy intro to NJ riding. Anyway, we pass the JCC all the time: our standard route has us reach Clinton Ave. at Woodland which is just about opposite and little down the road from the JCC.

            Thanks for the IDT tip, that's interesting. Newark is a busy place even on Sundays.